Saturday, January 25, 2014

Big News...and I mean BIG!!!

  You're probably wondering what could be so big that it required all caps and 3 exclamation points. Well, I checked the cast list for the Theater Showcase, and I got 2 roles in 2 different plays!!!!!
   The first role is in Sneakerella. If you don't know what that is, check my last post. I play Rachel, the best friend of Crystal, who is the equivalent of the Prince in Cinderella. I have the first line in the whole play, pretty awesome. I'm really excited for this one.
   The second role is the scientist in the Progeny of Rapunzel. The scientist is the one who goes into the test subject's mind and sees everything that has happened to their ancestors. The whole story of Ausar, Rapunzel's son, is told in the memories of the subject's ancestors. I have, once again, the first line in the whole thing. I'm pretty excited for this one as well.
    On the bottom of the cast list thing, it said to pick up the scripts ASAP, which I didn't see until today when I was looking over the picture I took of it. I didn't do that, but rest assured, I will do it Monday, or Tuesday if we have a snow day like many think we will.
    I had a swim meet today. It is in St. Louis. I honestly love this pool. I dropped 6 seconds on my 200 free, and then 3 seconds on my 100 back, and then .5 seconds on my 50 free, which is really good. The pool is a lot better than most for many reasons. 1: Unless you are in lane 1, you don't have water hitting the wall and coming back to you. It's a 10-lane pool, but lanes 9 and 10 were closed, and 10 was a cool down/warm up lane. 2: The pool is deep enough that the water doesn't hit the bottom and come back up as quick, which means you have less drag. My starts are also really good as well. The blocks are a lot better than the last meet. At the last meet, 2 weeks ago, the blocks were slanted back. Here, they were slanted forward, as they should be.
   I am honestly really tired right now, so I am going to get to bed because I have day 2 of the meet tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! xoxo -L

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