Monday, January 20, 2014

First Post

    Wow, first ever post on this blog. I guess we should start with the basics. 
    My name is Lauren, and I'm a high schooler. I am not going to tell you my high school, but our mascot is the Eagle. I swim on the high school team, and a club team, who I commonly refer to as 'Dolphins.' My favorite color is purple. I love watching Merlin and Teen Wolf. Those are my two most favorite shows ever.
     I love writing. I have a Movellas account with two stories, and I have a Wattpad with three stories, so far. I have countless stories on my laptop, iPad, and in my never-ending tattered collection of notebooks. I am not the best writer in the world, but I'm not the worst.
     I have an interesting outlook on the world around us, and how life works. I am very interested in science. Not like Biology, but more physics and space and time and molecules, stuff like that. I think it's fascinating what we could theoretically do, and science proves it. 
     I do have a Tumblr, and all I do is reblog stuff. I don't post anything original, but I love going on Tumblr. 
     I am a total bookworm and a nerd. I am more likely to be reading a book or watching Teen Wolf than going to a party. I like parties, but I don't do those very often. 
     I used to have a different blog. It's still up, but I can't access it, so I won't be posting on it anymore. I wish I could, because I actually had followers.
     I doubt people are actually reading this, so I'm mostly going to vent about any problems or annoying things in my life.
     These could include: my sister, swim practice, swim meets, school, grades, homework, sleep, Teen Wolf feels, gossip, mean girls, and boys I like. Get ready and get something else to do, cause this is gonna be boring.

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