Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swim Meets and Snow Days

    Hello there. It's been a few days since I've even been on here. And I have a lot to write about before I get to what the title suggests.
    First, my friend made a blog. You should go check it out. Here's the link: www.ashlynnsteinmann.blogspot.com. She is literally my bestest friend ever. She's amazing, so yeah, check her out and I'll love you forever.
    Second, you should all check out my Wattpad account. Here's the link: www.wattpad.com/lauren6498. I am going to be posting another story, but y'all should check it out. It would mean a lot to me.
    Now, onto what this post is actually about. Swim meets and snow days.
    We had a swim meet in St. Louis over the weekend. It was amazing and so much fun!!!! I loved it 100%. The pool was amazing. I dropped 5.16 seconds on my 200 free, 3.62 on my 100 back, maintained my 50 free time, dropped 2.45 second on my 100 free, dropped a second on my 100 breast, and dropped 1.68 on my 100 fly, beating my high school time which was faster than my club time. I was so happy with this meet, although I didn't make Regionals. Just goes to show that I have to got to practice more often, and so many snow days aren't helping.
    Yesterday we had a snow day, which I was glad for because I didn't have any of my homework done. But today we also had a snow day. I'm glad that I got to sleep, but I wanted to pick up my script for the play during French today, so that I could start memorizing.
    Teen Wolf last night....ugh!!!! So many feels!!!!!!! I can't even!!!!!!!!! I literally love this show so much it hurts!!! And Jeff Davis is such a good writer!!!!! But I was looking through Teen Wolf memes, and I found this one, and I laughed so hard for like 10 minutes straight. It's Dylan O'Brien's face, photoshopped onto a baby's body, riding a unicorn, over a rainbow, with butterflies flying around. It is amazing:
   See what I mean? It is amazing!!! I am gonna go now and leave you with this. xoxo -L

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