Thursday, January 23, 2014


    At my school there is a Theatre class on Thursday night from 6-8 pm. I was signed up for the whole year, but I dropped it when I figured out I would miss class multiple times in a row because of high school swimming. I thought I had dropped it for the whole year, but I had only dropped it for the first semester, meaning I was put in it this semester.
    When I first figured this out, I was all "I have to go to the counselor to drop this." But I went to the class last week and really loved it, and then I went this week, and I'm loving it even more. I can't wait until next week. Everyone in the class is funny and outgoing and really nice, save a couple people who didn't do anything except talk to each other in a corner and didn't even participate.
    Last week, when our school musical was still going on, we had a lot of kids out for the musical. So we discussed the four plays we would be doing for our showcase this year. They had been voted on the week before, when I had been gone because of a swim practice I couldn't miss.
    The four plays were written by students in the class, and voted on, and directors and assistant directors were chosen. The theme was twisted fairytales. The four fairytales were Cinderella, Aladdin, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty. The plays were Sneakerella, The Permanent Guest, The Progeny of Rapunzel, and Sleeping Gorgeous.
    Sneakerella was set in modern times, with a boy instead of a girl. Two evil step-brothers, an evil step-father, a princess instead of a prince, a sweet 16 party instead of a ball, and a sneaker instead of a glass slipper. It's a really good story.
     The Permanent Guest was Aladdin, 10 years later, with a twist, there are things like x-boxes and Diet Coke, but I'm pretty sure it's still set back then. It's about how the genie has been living with Aladdin and Jasmine, but they kick him out. He runs into Jafar, who has changed, but might still have an evil intent.
    The Progeny of Rapunzel is about how Rapunzel murdered the prince and was thrown back into her tower, while she was pregnant. She gave birth to an immortal child. The story is set 1500 years later, when the son gets angry that he has been in this tower for his mother's mistakes. He has about 6, I think, internal voices: Doubt, Anger, Sarcasm, Joy, Reason, and Sadism. They help him in his decision to break out and get revenge on humanity.
    Sleeping Gorgeous is Sleeping Beauty, but the roles are reversed in a sense. Maleficent is a male. And it's a boy who pricks his finger on a spinning wheel and his princess has to wake him up. It is a more comical piece. It was a really good one.
    We had auditions for all of these today. I auditioned for two, Sleeping Gorgeous and Sneakerella. I didn't do that well in Sleeping Gorgeous, but I'm pretty sure I got a good role in Sneakerella. I was called back during the regular audition once, which is good, and I was called back to be one of the mains in the dream session, which is when the directors have people who might play the characters come up and do scenes, but this time they can give comments and feedback. I am hoping to get the lead, Crystal, or at least one of Crystal's best friends, Rachel or Scarlet.
     I realize now that I might actually want to be an actor. I know a lot of people say that, and I guess I'm just another saying it. But hey, theater is my first step to it. I might just be in theater, but I am definitely auditioning next year for the school plays/musicals. I'm excited.
     The cast list for the showcase goes up tomorrow, so I'm excited and nervous to find out what I got.
     Anyway, I have a swim meet this weekend in St. Louis. I'm leaving tomorrow after school, yay! And my sister isn't going, double yay! I'm really hoping to get my 50 free regional cut this weekend, like badly. If I don't then I only have two more meets to try for it at. I'm so close, so I'm doing everything I can to be healthy and stay fit so that I can get that time.
    And now, I must bid thee farewell. Goodnight. xoxo -L

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