Wednesday, February 5, 2014


 So guys, long time no blog. But this is gonna be really short. Basically, we had ANOTHER snow day today. We better not have one tomorrow because Theater is tomorrow night. I am so excited!!!! But anyway, my sister stole my Pokemon cards >:(. And so I stole them back, and then she took a bunch of them leaving me with hardly any. But I made $20 bucks of her today. And I made $20 the other day as well. Woop woop!!! All I had to do was help her with 5th grade social studies homework. No big deal, very simple stuff.
   Teen Wolf literally kills me. The feels, shirtless guys, and fight scenes. UGH!! Jeff Davis: I hate you, but I love you so much. Just don't kill of the twins! Or Stiles! Or Kira! Or Scott! Or Derek, Isaac, or Allison! This show literally makes me lose my mind, which was their line for their promo for 3B. #LOSEYOURMIND
  Anywho, I'm gonna go now. Byyyeee!!! xoxo -L

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