Saturday, February 1, 2014

Short Update on a Long Saturday

     Hello. How are you doing today? That's good. I'm doing good as well, thanks for asking.
     We had more snow today, and practice was cancelled. Oh well...not complaining here. I'm actually just having a Teen Wolf marathon and writing Chapter 2 of my newest story. I also like editing pictures now.
     I am tired and bored. I had to go to a party last night after practice, so yeah.

     We had our first rehearsals for the showcase on Thursday. The first one I rehearsed for was Progeny of Rapunzel. I don't think I did very good. I was too excited to be cold and calculating. It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, but I'm expecting it to get much more fun once I get more comfortable with the cast. The Sneakerella rehearsal was so much fun. We went around and said what our character was, and the director was awesome. He's funny and I really like him. He said he was going to change the script a little, and then we did a table read. After that we split into two groups and acted, and some people had to play people that weren't their characters and it was funny seeing that. I can't wait for Thursday, but I have to start memorizing my lines.
    Here's the new cover to my story. I changed the main character, so I had to change the cover.
    I'm gonna go now, xoxo -L

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