Sunday, February 16, 2014

Swim meets and Ski Resorts

    We had a swim meet this weekend. I got to leave school early on Friday, like 2 class periods early. It was fun. I made three PR's, out of the three events I swam. In my 50 free I made a 29.31, dropping 0.46 seconds. I made a 1:03.32 in my 100 free, dropping 1.40 seconds. And in my 100 fly, I made 1:14.49, dropping 2.09 seconds. My 100 free and 100 fly both had times from two weeks ago in St. Louis. My freestyle 50 was from a little over a month ago, in Decatur.
    I didn't swim today. Only Friday and Saturday. Instead, we went with my dad and his girlfriend to go skiing. I originally wanted to do snowboarding, but I skied instead. I had never skied before, but I mastered it pretty quickly. And yes, I spent a while on the Bunny Hill. A few times after going down that, we decided to try the rope pull one, which was slightly steeper than the Bunny Hill. But on our way over, we took a detour and tried an Intermediate one, but halfway through the slope, it went from Intermediate to Advanced. I was good for 3/4 of the way down, but then it turned sharper than earlier, and I leaned back subconsciously, and wiped out. I did the same thing twice more, but the third time, I hit my head pretty hard. I have a headache from it, but it was fun. Even if I did get snow up my jacket and down my pants.
     Another thing, I took down one of my stories from Wattpad. It was the one that I talked about on here. Countries, Magic, and Nightmares. I decided that I might want to get it published one day, and I can't have it online if I want to publish it. My friend, Cassie, is sort of my editor, and she was the one who actually told me she thought it was good enough that it might get published. She also has a lot of good ideas for the second and third books. It's going to be a trilogy. I'm really excited for it. And I'll keep you guys updated on it, and hopefully you will all read it if it gets published!!! *hint hint*
   Well I'm watching the Olympics, so I'm going to go now. See ya guys later. xoxo -L

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