Wednesday, March 19, 2014


  Well, we have a lot to talk about. As you all should know, I'm obsessed with Merlin, Sherlock, and Teen Wolf. Oh, and the Fast and Furious series as well.
  First things first. Well, with everything/everyone who has died this week, it has brought me back to remembering a few other deaths I can't get out of my mind.
  The first death I will be talking about, well, it's from Merlin. Arthur (as in KING Arthur) died, so did Gwaine, Mordred, and Morgana. This is a picture of Arthur after he is dead. Merlin is sending him off on Lake Avalon.
  This was a sad ending to a wonderful TV show that I still am obsessed with! Long live the King! There was talk of a movie, because King Arthur is supposed to rise again, but neither Bradley James (aka Arthur), nor Colin Morgan (aka Merlin) wanted to do that, saying that it was a good ending to a series and a legend, and they didn't want to mess with it, or something along those lines.
   The next death is Sherlock Holmes. Well, WAS Sherlock Holmes. He faked his death, as shown in the last few moments of the Reichenbach Fall. And then Season 3 he revealed himself to everyone. Then Moriarty died that episode, but apparently he faked his death too. This is the show where nobody apparently stays dead. I wish that were true for a lot of places.
   The next death was on Teen Wolf. Allison Argent. This death tore my heart to pieces. It wasn't just the death, it was the other character's reactions to the death mixed in with the fact that one of the best characters of any show just died. I cried so hard that night. Not a cute girl cry, like a snot-dripping-from-your-nose cry. This picture also made me so sad, because it was like I was reliving the moment she died. 
   See? Doesn't this picture just make you want to cry? It was really sad because Scott was crying, blubbering, and Isaac just looked so broken, same with her dad. And Lydia collapsed and was screaming and crying. And it all just made me cry. 
   The next death is someone who died a long time ago. His death is way more important that any of the ones so far. Mostly because he wasn't a character, he was a living, breathing, real live person. He acted in the Fast and Furious series and played Brian O'Connor. He was a full time dad, and he gave so much to charity. Paul Walker. 
  This quote actually is one of my favorites, but it sort of describes his death. Speed was a major factor in the fiery car explosion that claimed not only his life, but his friend's, Roger Rodas. And I know he said not to cry because he was smiling, but I doubt he was smiling as he was being burned alive. And I know that is something not very polite to say, but I had to. I cried so hard when I found out. Worse than Allison's death. It was the snot-dripping-from-your-nose cry, but it was also the blubbering, hiccuping, coughing, and swollen face cry. Whenever I see a video memorial tribute to him, and I watch it, I end up crying again. I can't seem to move on, and I don't think I want to. I want to keep honoring a man who inspired me in so many aspects of my life.
   The final death was of someone I actually knew. Her name was Molly. My grandparents got her when she was older than a puppy, when my mom was still pregnant with me, actually. That makes her older than me in not just dog years, but in human years to. She was around 98 in dog years. And that's old. She was always so well behaved and comforting, and the sweetest/cutest little thing ever. I just wanted to do something for her because I didn't get to see her again before she died. 
  This is Molly. It's not a very good picture, but it was the best one I had. I edited it a little so that it wasn't ordinary. I'm gonna miss you Molly. RIP Molly. 

   I have gone through a lot of loss in the past few months. Maybe thinking about fictional characters as a loss is weird, but their character was a part of my life. And then there's Paul Walker and Molly, the real living beings who died. Paul Walker died before his time, and I just can't believe Molly died, even if she was old. I just sort of am dealing with this in a weird way. I guess this is where I sign off. xoxo


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