Monday, April 7, 2014


   I was actually writing a really long blog from the day of the Season 3b finale for Teen Wolf, but I just never got around to it. Right now, I'm just hear to vent. Let's not start off with my sister, we'll end it with a bang.
   So there's this Coach on the team, and I'm not going to name them, but I was supposed to get out at 8:30 pm today. So with my friend Ashlynn, and her sister, Tyler, I went to the diving well to cool down, and when I went to CHECK THE TIME, the Coach said to go and that I wasn't done. All I wanted to do was to scream "BITCH I WAS CHECKING THE TIME NOT GETTING OUT! MAYBE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE BUT I STILL HAD MY GOGGLES ON AND WAS MAKING NO MOVE OF TAKING THEM OFF!!!!!!" But I didn't, I just kept swimming. And when I say that I'm getting out at 8:30, I DO NOT MEAN I START COOL DOWN AT 8:30 I MEAN I GET OUT AT 8:30. And just no. No no no.
    Then there's this group advertising speech project in Speech, and I don't like it. I'm in a group of all guys. I mean, granted, they're all nice and funny, but I just don't really feel comfortable enough to get anything done because I don't know any of them as anything more than a person in my class. My friend got the perfect group, the one I so desperately wanted, but alas, nope. It's not that I don't like my group, but I just don't feel comfortable and am not getting anything done, even if it is only Day 2. So yeah, that just isn't my favorite class right now.
     And then there's my sister. I am just so f*cking p*ssed at her that I am using this language. I've had this little money pouch thing that was waterproof for about three years now. I keep my Splash cards (a type of raffle thing our team does), my combination lock codes, my YMCA cards, and my money for swim meets in it and what does my sister do?! SHE GOES INTO MY ROOM INTO MY SWIM BAG AND EMPTIES THE POUCH AND THROWS WHAT WAS IN IT ON THE GROUND AND F*CKING TOOK THE POUCH SO NOW I HAVE NOTHING!!!! The number one rule, in my opinion, of swimming is to never go through another swimmer's bag. And since my sister swam on the team for a year, she still counts. The fact that it is even one of my rules if was infuriates me. I hate when people touch or go through my swim bag because that is like my life. And she took something from it. I'm taking it back. Just wait. She won't know when, but it's happening. But yeah, I'm really pissed at her, so I'm just going to leave now. xoxo -L

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