Thursday, April 24, 2014

Short and Sweet Update

  I know it's been a long time since I posted and I'm currently writing this on my phone on my way home.
   These past few weeks have been so hectic, stressful, but also rewarding. I've barely had time to shower and sleep, let alone post a blog. I haven't even been able to watch my favorite TV shows. But now I thought I'd give a quick update. 
    It's my best friends birthday on Monday and I've been planning something, but I'm not going to say in case she reads this. I'm really excited though. 
    Tomorrow is our Snowball Lock-In. Once again I will not be going home after school. The things starts at 4, and school's out at 3:30 so there's no way I'll be coming home. I have to work registration anyway. It's gonna be so much fun though. It's going until Saturday morning.
     There's a swim meet this weekend, but I'm only swimming Saturday. Oh darn (note the sarcasm). I'm not sure what I'm swimming, but I probably won't make best times. I haven't practiced since Monday, so yeah. 
    And now what I have been saving for the very end. THEATER!!!!!! We had our showcase tonight! I had been at school for over 12 hours, but it was so worth it. This whole week we've been staying after school until 5:30 and rehearsing. It's been so fun and rewarding. 
    And tonight we put it to the test. It went extremely well if I do say so myself.  It started off with Ben M., Srishti, Ahmet, Jake, and Megan H. in The Permanent Guest. Permanent Guest was a take on Aladdin where it was 10 years later and the genie (Ahmet) got kicked out of Aladdin (Ben M.) and Jasmine's (Srishti's) home. After meeting up with Jafar (Jake) in the streets and becoming a street urchin, genie meets a wandering passerby (Megan H.) and finds out he has 30 wishes saved up. He then goes back and blings out Aladdin and Jasmine and that's how the story ends. This was a fantastic play written by Jake, Zach, and Cassidy and directed by Madi and Chyna.
    The second story, The Progeny of Rapunzel, was very good. Well, I'm in it, so duh. Just kidding. This one had me, Andrew, Megan T., Zach, Srivarun, Pamela, Ben P, and Ukie. It started out with the scientist (me) threatening the subject (Andrew) and yadayadayada. We then go into the memories of the subjects ancestor, Ausar (Zach). The whole play deal with how he deals with his inner thoughts and emotions: Anger (Megan T.), Reason (Srivarun), Doubt (Jaelyn), Joy (Pamela), Sarcasm (Ben P.), and Sadism (Ukie). In the end, Ausar kills doubt and it flashes back to the scientist once again threatening the subject, but not in the same way. This amazing story was written by Ahmet and directed by Jake and Suryatej.
    The third story was Sleeping Gorgeous. This one was fantastic. It had Nathan, Felicity, Josh, Jake, Jaelyn, Mickinly, Sam, Madi, Braden, Andrew, Suryatej, and Ukie. It was Sleeping Beauty, but Maleficient (Josh) was a guy, and it was a "Daniel" in distress instead of a damsel. Nathan starred as Aaron, while Lexi starred as Felicity. It started out with the king and queen (Jake and Jaelyn) at a sort of baby shower after the baby was born. The three fairies, Flora (Mickinly), Fauna (Sam), and Merriwether (Madi) were giving their gifts when Maleficient showed up, placing the all-to-familiar curse upon baby Aaron. The next few scenes consisted of Aaron and Felicity meeting in the forest, Maleficient yelling at his two goons (Braden and Andrew) before finally getting his raven (Surya) to go search for Aaron, Aaron getting taken and pricking his finger, Felicity dancing with her father (Also Jake), and then Felicity starting out on her quest to find Aaron. The next scene was a fight scene with Maleficient that was amazingly choreographed. It ends with Maleficient getting killed and Felicity waking up Aaron. The whole time the narrator (Ukie) was giving us a brief play by play. This exceptional play was written by Madi and Nathan and directed by Ahmet and Megan T.
    The fouth and final story was Sneakerella. It was pretty amazing. It was Cinderella but with reversed roles in a modern high school setting. It was me, Chyna, Morgan, Josh, Zach, Megan, Nathan, Ben M., Ukie, Braden, and Ben P. Peter (Josh) was a skater boy with a crush on Crystal (Chyna). Crystal's two best friends, Rachel (me) and Scarlet (Morgan), are the equivalent of plastics, as well as Crystal. After meeting his friend Alice's (Megan) cousin, Travis (Zach), things take an interesting turn. Travis takes on the role of Peter's "fairy god-brother" and gets Peter a chance to go to Crystal's sweet 16. After Peter's friends, Harold (Ben P.) and Lucas (Braden) agree to go, Peter finally agrees. After a run in with his step-father (Nathan) and two step-brothers, Oliver (Ukie) and Anthony (Ben M), he realizes that it might be a little harder than he thought. At the party Peter, as Prince Charming, runs into Crystal, literally, who was dressed as a Princess. The two have a good time and both their best friends meet up with each other and dance, before Travis rips Peter away right before the kiss. Rachel and Scarlet give an announcement about how Crystal is looking for her Prince Charming and yada yada yada. The last scene is when Crystal finally finds Peter and asks him on a date. At that moment, it freezes and Travis gives a monologue. This play was written by the amazing Jaelyn and directed by Malik and Srivarun.
    After the lights go out, we all walk to the front of the stage and do a bow, then gesture to Jimmy and Sami (our awesome lights guys) and then to Cassidy (main stage manager) and then bow again before Jake gives his last MC speech. It was so fun and I cannot wait for next year's. But of course, it would not have been possible without the tireless effort from Ms. Scranton. Thank you!
    Once again, these are the amazing people of my favorite class:
-Pamela (Actress: Progeny, Extra: Sneakeralla)
-Ben M. (Actor: Permanent Guest and Sneakerella)
-Ahmet (Author: Progeny, Director: Sleeping Gorgeous, Actor: Permanent Guest, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Srishti (Actress: Permanent Guest, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Jake (Author: Permanent Guest, Director: Progeny, Actor: Sleeping Gorgeous, MC: showcase, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Megan H. (Actress: Sneakerella, Permanent Guest)
-Zach (Author: Permanent Guest, Actor: Progeny and Sneakerella)
-Megan T. (Director: Sleeping Gorgeous, Actress: Progeny, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Jaelyn (Author: Sneakerella, Actress: Progeny and Sleeping Gorgeous, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Srivarun (Director: Sneakerella, Actor: Progeny)
-Ukie (Actor: Progeny, Sleeping Gorgeous, and Sneakerella)
-Andrew (Actor: Progeny and Sleeping Gorgeous, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Ben P. (Actor: Progeny and Sneakeralla)
-Nathan (Author: Sleeping Gorgeous, Actor: Sleeping Gorgeous and Sneakerella)
-Lexi (Actress: Sleeping Gorgeous, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Josh (Actor: Sleeping Gorgeous and Sneakerella)
-Mickinly (Actress: Sleeping Gorgeous, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Madi (Author: Sleeping Gorgeous, Director: Permanent Guest, Actress: Sleeping Gorgeous, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Suryatej (Director: Progeny, Actor: Sleeping Gorgeous)
-Braden (Actor: Sleeping Gorgeous and Sneakerella)
-Chyna (Director: Permanent Guest, Actress: Sneakerella)
-Malik (Director: Sneakerella)
-Cassidy (Author: Permanent Guest, Stage Manager)
-Jimmy (Stage Crew: Lights and Sneakerella)
-Sami (Stage Crew: Lights)
-Alexis (Stage Crew: Lights, Extra: Sneakerella)
-Svetlana (Stage Crew: Lights and Progeny, Extra: Sneakerella)
-me (Actress: Progeny and Sneakerella)
    If I missed anything, I'm sorry. I don't think I missed anybody though. A place a few links and post some pictures later. Biye! xoxo -L

Add on: I forgot Sam! I'm so mad at myself! But Sam is a really good friend and if you want you can go back and read through for all of her credits. Thanks bye! 

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