Thursday, July 10, 2014


    I just realized that my "Short and Sweet Update" post was really long and not really short at all. Eh, who cares. It's been a while since I posted a real update. I have been super busy and seem to have forgotten about my Youtube Channel and this blog and my Wattpad stories and my actual book and I think there was a time that I forgot how to spell my name. I'm so stressed, even though it's summer. Let me give you the low down on a typical week for me:

We start on Monday morning at 6 am. Note that I probably only got 3 hours of sleep the night before, most likely watching a movie to relax a little (even though I wake up more stressed). So-
6 am: wake up then lie in bed procrastinating on if I can stay in my comfy abode or get food and then ready for practice
6:05 am: my mom brings me food and I praise the gods above
6:15 am: I force myself out of bed to get ready, because it takes me 10 minutes longer in the morning than at night
6:25 am: I get the text from my friend that she is on her way to pick me up from practice, and then I realize I fell back asleep while putting on shorts and a tank top over my suit
6:30 am: leave for swim practice
7 am: DIE! just kidding, drylands (the equivalent of a workout that is not in the pool, i.e. running, ab work, pushups, sit ups, the works)
8 am: get in the pool and try to force my tired arms to move
9 am: FREEDOM! the end of swim practice
9:18 am (yes, I know exactly how long it takes to get to and from practice): arrive at home, grab all the food i can and head upstairs. Change, then collapse on my bed.
9:30 am: occasionally I take a shower at this time or I accidentally fall asleep (accidentally, yeah right).
noon: wake up, eat food, start writing book or story (occasional chores all day)
1 pm: more food
2 pm: more food
3 pm: more food
4 pm: mom tells me to fold clothes (and more food)
5:30 pm: realize I have to stop eating now
6 pm: leave for practice, all grumpy because I don't want to
6:30 pm: swim practice starts
8:30 pm: swim practice ends
8:45 pm: grab food, change clothes, get laptop and Beacon Hills Lacrosse Sweatshirt and settle down for new Teen Wolf episode.
9 pm: TEEN WOLF!!!!!!
10 pm: Wolf Watch Starts
10:30 pm: go upstairs
For the rest of the night: on youtube or reading fanfiction or watching netflix and then sleep at like 2 am

Now Tuesday:
5 am (that's right, I wake up even earlier!): get my first wake up call for small group crossfit class
5:15 am: food is brought
5:30 am: I drag myself out of bed and start getting dressed
5:45 am: I get picked up for small group classes
6 am: workout begins
Anywhere from 7-7:30 am: workout ends, the three of us go home while Coach A stays
When I get home: food, catch up on Under the Dome's new episode, then sleep
The rest of the day is pretty much the same as Monday, except no Teen Wolf

Wednesday (HUMP DAY)!
Same morning routine as Monday (this time drylands are most likely on the football field w/ the football players/my crush trying to be discreet in watching us)
Pretty much the same as Monday, but no Teen Wolf. I usually catch up on The Night Shift and Chasing Life, two new shows that started airing this summer on Tuesdays.

Oooh, same as Tuesday, but no Under the Dome. Pretty cray-cray.

Same as, you guessed it, Monday and Wednesday.

Saturday I wake up at 10 for swim practice at 11:30-1:30. Then the rest of my day is pretty much the same as the others.

Sunday I usually sleep till noon, then wake up at 12:45 to eat something before 1. Practice 2-4 then lounging around all day.


But seriously, that is my life. It may not sound like I am busy, but I am! I am trying to find the time to Beta read my best friend's mom's book, which is really good, but it's hard to find time. I'm trying to finish my book by the end of the summer, but I doubt that's happening because I'm only half done and I started in February. Granted, I was on a roll until summer started, because I was trying to get as many chapters as I could to my editor. Ugh, I'm tired. And it's only 9:30 pm. That's not right. Anyways, I'll go now. xoxo -L

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