Monday, April 13, 2015

Twelve Thirty V.S. Noon Thirty

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Okay, so I got into a somewhat friendly argument with my friend, Mickinly, over this yesterday.  I know the difference, noon thirty is not grammatically correct. Personally, I don't care which one is politically correct. I say "noon-thirty" and "midnight-thirty" on a daily basis. The only person to ever have noticed and had a problem with it was my friend. We got so involved in the debate that we involved about half of our Chemistry class in the discussion.
Most of them said that "noon-thirty" was stupid and shook their heads. There were students who said it didn't make sense, but there were also students we said that it didn't not make sense (double negative there). On a side not, did you know that English is the only language to use double negatives? Between you and me I'm pretty sure that it's just to freak non-English speakers out.
But back to the discussion at hand! I was posed the question of 'Do you use noon-thirty in writing?' My answer is simple: it depends on what I'm writing. If it's an essay for a school english class, hell no! But if it is one of my novels, I probably have used it in dialogue and will continue to (just to tick the people who don't like it off). I use "noon-thirty" in my life, and I write how I talk. So yes, I use it in writing.
Another question that was asked was if I used "noon-thirty" in military time. I almost face-palmed because I thought the answer was simple. No! I say twelve hundred hours like it is. Noon does not really exist in telling military time, therefor military time has no place in this argument of twelve-thirty vs noon-thirty. 
Personally, I'm impartial. I don't care which way people use. I know what time they mean when they say either, therefore it doesn't matter. If someone says noon-thirty, I'll know they mean 12:30 pm just as well as if someone were to say twelve-thirty pm. The people out there who get angry when people use "noon-thirty" and call them assholes just need to relax. Whether someone else says "noon-thirty" or not, it doesn't change you quality of life. The only reason it affects you is because you can't accept it. Let it go and move on. Not everyone will always think the same way as you. 
As for me, I use "noon-thirty" and "midnight-thirty" a lot, so NOON-THIRTY ALL THE WAY!

After this discussion got started, I decided to do a poll on how it affected people. I didn't ask a hundred people or anything, but I got enough to prove that it doesn't really matter.
The three categories:

People who hate when others use noon thirty: 5

People who don't give a crap if others use it: 8

People who left their vote undecided: 2

Oh, and in the 2 hours I wrote this and did the poll, I found two others who also said midnight/noon thirty. Just wanted to throw that in there for everyone thinks they've never heard that! 

Well, this was fun. Until next time....

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