Friday, May 15, 2015


Yesterday at my high school, it was the seniors' last day. On the last day, they only go to school for a couple of hours before they're dismissed. Usually, upon being dismissed, they do a Senior run. During last year's, a girl got shoved into a locker and broke her arm. Needless to say, her graduation was memorable. The Run they did this year wasn't as energetic and loud, and a lot of them didn't do it actually. I know a couple of seniors in my homeroom who stood at the doorway and watched.
But today I cried. I cried for almost a half hour total.. I had chorus before homeroom and that was tough. Woman's chorale, and chorus in general, is like one big family. On the seniors' last day, we sing songs from past performances that they request. During on song, everybody pretty much broke down. Just seeing them all cry made me start to cry. So that was about twenty-five minutes of crying.
Then came homeroom. I was closer to those seniors than the ones in chorus. As the announcement came on, Jacob and Leigh started hugging people goodbye. Going into homeroom that day, I didn't expect that so it made me feel even more sad. Then they dismissed them. Most of the seniors sprinted out the door, but a few hung back so they wouldn't get trampled. Once they were truly gone, I cried for maybe two minutes. Now homeroom is only going to have about seven or eight people in it.
It sucks forming friendships with those in higher grades than you. They leave and start their lives and it hurts because you miss them in yours. Because you've grown to associate them with a certain part of your life. I can't really imagine a swim team without Remi, Alaina, Natalie, Kate, Tyler, or Phoebe. I can't imagine chorus without those innumerable seniors that have been there these past two years. I can't imagine theater without those seniors. I can't imagine Snowball without Leigh, Jacob, Matt, or any of the others.
Below is a picture of our Relay For Life team. [L-R: Philip, Jacob, Josh, Matt, Cassidy, Kate, Angela, me, and Anne. (Not pictured: Jake and IdaP, our chaperone)]
I'll miss them, but I know I'll see them again. Adios, seniors!

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