Wednesday, May 6, 2015


So, I'm in French 2 at my high school and honest to god, I love it. I think French is one of the classes I genuinely like at my school, even if it is tough.
Last week, my French teacher assigned a project. I dreaded it. We had to memorize it and perform it in front of the class (or make a video). The chapter we had just finished dealt with two new grammar tenses, a ton of vocab about working out, and general health. The project could be one of three things: a doctor's office with two people asking questions/complaining, a radio talk show where they gave health advice, or an exercise video. Now, these were all to be memorized and performed in front of the class, or made into a video. My group (Sydney, Lexi, Ashlynn, and I) chose to do a video instead of having to memorize and perform it in front of the class.
Here it is:

I honest to god cringe at the acting scenes, but I love the bloopers. I just hate watching myself act. If I were in the biggest movie blockbuster ever, I would probably never watch it because I hate watching myself act. It just makes me think of things that I could do better.
Anyway, xoxo -Lauren

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