Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rambles and Stuff Nobody Cares About

Hello wonderful people of the interweb! If you are a returning person, welcome back! Please, have an imaginary cookie. Here, take it.
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So, what's up guys? I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 and it got me in the mood to write more than an update on my YouTube channel. What's been going on with me? Well, let me just tell ya.
The high school pre-season (which actually isn't sponsored by my high school) for swimming started on Monday. I forgot how much I loved my team and the practices are so much more fun on high school than my club team was. I actually quit my club team and am just doing high school swimming. I feel a lot happier knowing that. There will be times I will miss club swim but a lot of the people on club that I enjoyed swimming with are on the high school team. And a few of my friends also quit the same club team so I'm not the only one. All in all, I'm happy with my decision. I can now focus on a lifeguarding job (at an indoor pool because I live in snow-ridden Illinois) during school to help me raise money for my France trip!!
That's right! I'm going to France! It's next June, and I'm so excited. It's with my French class through my school and there's going to be a bunch of us over in France for a week and a half. I'm super excited for it and getting a job with help with savings for stuff like souvenirs, lunches, and tips for the tour guide. Hollah.
Let me get back to the pre-season talk though. I'm only going for 10 days (5 days a week), in the next two weeks. They have 12 days available, but not on weekends. I would go the last 2 days but I have prior engagements, like my birthday and Snowball camp (more on that in a minute). But I am doing so well with the high school pre-season, so much better than on my club team. I already feel fitter and faster, and I'm just getting back into it from taking a month off! It's exciting and fun! We do drylands everyday though, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. They're different every day and only about 35 minutes before we get in the pool. They balance each other out which is good.
Now onto Snowball camp. So, Snowball is the club at my high school I'm involved in. It was the club that I joined because I didn't know what to join and then I ended up loving it, and now I am the Junior Officer. This year we are getting together for four days, three hours a day, in the week leading up to school. We are planning out major stuff for the year, including our lock in and Snowcials (snow + social = snowcial), which are hang outs. We're also learning energizers and icebreakers and I'm super excited. We did something similar at CGTI Mid-Year Summit and I am excited for this because it's just us at our high school this year. The whole high school (for the most part) to ourselves to learn and play for three to four days. It's gonna be great!
Okay, so I've been typing, backspacing, and re-typing this for so long now that it's time for me to get ready for practice. So laters y'all.

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