Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Future Job Opportunities

Hey guys! So today I just need to write a bit to help myself clear my head and see if I can make a decision.
So in my town there are two jobs that I am considering applying for after I finish up this high school swim season (it's a 13 weeks season starting in a week). One is an indoor lifeguarding position and the other is a book selling position at Barnes and Noble.
Both of these sound like fantastic jobs for me. I love swimming and with lifeguarding I'll be able to swim on my breaks or use my membership to keep my swimming up for next high school season. Plus, I paid the $300 for the class to get certified and so far I've only used that training to pull a metal splinter out of my dad's hand, patch up a boo-boo on my sister's foot, and deal with a second degree burn. Nothing special. And I haven't been able to make that back because I don't have a lifeguarding job yet.
But I love books so much. Books are a huge passion of mine and working at a bookstore would be so fun. I'd also get discounts on books and the cafe. I'd be able to be surrounded by the things I love while I work. I don't know why, but I also love organizing bookshelves and giving books a home. Being surrounded by books would be great.
So you see my dilemma? If you guys (if there are any of you even reading this) could give me some advice in the comments below, I'd be really grateful! xoxo -Lauren

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