Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris, Beirut, Baghdad

I'm sorry this is not book related, but this is something that needs to be talked about, in my mind anyway.
Usually, Friday the 13th days are good days for me. Today was pretty good: I got a $5 gift card as compensation for someone forgetting to mention my team at awards, I had my sneaky fish reveal dinner where I got a) free food and b) an amazing Harry Potter sweatshirt, I got my Harry Potter Illustrated Edition in the mail as well as Six of Crows, and I saw one of my closest friends after what seems like forever.
But some terrible stuff has happened today.
I heard about Paris first, but after learning more, I found out about Beirut and Baghdad.
Beirut was hit with terrorist bombings early this morning/last night. Baghdad was hit with bombings as well, both by ISIS.
And Paris, a city that holds a very special place in my heart, was hit with extreme terrorist measures today.
There've been hostage situations, shootings, and bombings throughout the city today. The death toll last time I checked was upwards of 150. Around 100 of those were killed in a massacre at a concert.
I've been reading news articles for an hour or so now and it sickens and saddens me to read what has happened. I've cried tonight over the tragedies that have occurred.
So please, if you're religious: Keep Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad in your prayers. If you're not religious or not religious in that way: Keep Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad in your thoughts. Everyone please send hope to each of these places, especially Paris as they are still in a state of emergency and still under attacks.

Nous sommes tous parisiens
"We are all Parisians"


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