Hi guys! I figured this would be a good spot to include different blogger and reviewer resources that I've posted about. Anything I've done a "guide" for, any posts I've made with tips and tricks, etc will be posted here for you guys to easily find! (I do have some resources listed that I haven't posted yet, but they will hopefully be up soon!)

How I Get Free Books - A blog post in which I outline how I get books sent to me for free and how you can get started!

Netgalley Tips & Tricks - An upcoming blog post in which I will give in-depth advice and tips on how to boost your Netgalley profile and get more books approved.

Goodreads for Dummies - Goodreads is a wonderful website, albeit a little outdated, but can be confusing to new members. This upcoming blog post outlines different features of Goodreads and how to use them.

Anatomy of a Book Review - Seasoned reviewers have their own way of reviewing, but for newer reviewers who are struggling with writing an in-depth review, this upcoming post can help you get started.

Outside Resources & Recommended Book Lovers

Book Blog Ideas - Stumped on what to post on your book blog next? This upcoming post lists a number of possible post ideas to fill that gap.

So You Want to Start a Book Blog? - An upcoming multi-part series that goes in depth into the process of starting a book blog. Posts will include tips on choosing which hosting site to use, getting a domain name, creating a brand for yourself, and various other blog stuffs! 

Bookstagram 101 Series - An upcoming multi-part series addressing how to get started on bookstagram, find your photo style, and grow you account.

Book Recommendations

TV/Movie Recommendations

Reverse Harem Romance Genre Guide
Comment down below if you'd like guides to other genres, series, or bookish content!

Book Sleeve Comparisons & Reviews (Part 1) - A review and comparison of four different book sleeves from Book Beau, Melvis Makes, Book Bud by Gabriel Lea, and Fairyloot.

Book Sleeve Comparisons & Reviews (Part 2) - An upcoming updated review and comparison of more book sleeves from Book Beau, Fairyloot, Beacon Book Box, A Court of Books and Feelings,  and Fox and Wit.

Study Abroad Weekly Diaries

Tips & Tricks (Coming Soon!)

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