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Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag (2019)
Reader Problems Book Tag (2019)
Truthwitch Book Tag (2019)
Unpopular Opinions Book Tag: 2019 Edition (2019)
'Tis the Season Book Tag (2018)
Halloween "Would You Rather" Book Tag (2018)
Finally Fall Book Tag (2018)
Hardest Book Lover Would You Rather (2018)
Rainy Day Book Tag (2018)
St. Patrick's Day Book Tag (2018)
TBR Shame Tag (2018)
Hamilton Book Tag (2018)
The Joy of Christmas Book Tag (2017)
Thanksgiving Book Tag (2017)
Never Have I Ever: Book Edition (2017)
Halloween Book Tag (2017)
Fall Time Cosy Time Book Tag (2017)
Unpopular Opinions Tag (2017)
Bookish Identity Tag (2015)

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