Monday, September 28, 2015

Throne of Glass Dream Cast!

Okay, so some of the biggest of the year was bestowed upon me a little while ago. It was while I was reading Queen of Shadows that this news was released, and being the die-hard ToS fan I am, I started screaming when I saw the news.
THRONE OF GLASS HAS BEEN OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW! THAT'S RIGHT: THRONE OF GLASS! Now, this doesn't mean that Throne of Glass is for sure becoming a television show, but we're one step closer.
But there are a lot of things that could go wrong with the book-to-movie adaptation. First off, if Disney channel or some shit like that were to pick it up, it would probably be terrible (not that Disney is going to ever do Throne of Glass). Now, if the people who did Game of Thrones were to do Throne of Glass (even though I haven't watched Game of Thrones), I'm sure it would be amazing. Just from the trailers and pictures I've seen from Game of Thrones, the people who do that show would be amazing for Throne of Glass.
However, even if an amazing network were to pick up Throne of Glass, it would also come down to the casting. Personally, I don't think anybody will ever be exactly like the visions of the characters I have in my head, but there are some pretty close people. Mostly, I'm going off of looks for this.
So, because of the amazing news that Throne of Glass has been optioned for a television show, I am creating my dream cast for you guys. Originally, I was going to do this as a YouTube video (which I still might), but for now I'm just bored in Brit. Lit. and decided to post this. I hope you all enjoy!

Obviously, we have to start with Celaena Sardothien (aka Lillian aka Elentiya aka Aelin). For this, I actually have two I am deciding between. Actually, I think that if the two I have chosen were to face meld, it would create the Celaena that I picture.
Firstly we have Cara Delevingne. If I had to pick out of the two I have she would probably be the one I discard.

Lastly we have Amber Heard, who is the one I would probably pick if I really had to:

I can see the two of them coming together to form a great Celaena.

Now we move on to Dorian. Dorian has this look to him in my mind that not many people could fulfill, just like all of the characters in Throne of Glass. But there are two that I currently see playing him.
Firstly we have Douglas Booth. This sweetie is so cute and hot! I could see him playing Dorian, but I also see his looks as a little similar to one of the guys I have cast for Chaol. Here he is:

(See, wasn't he a cutie)
Next we have Drew Roy. Now, Douglas and Drew are both in a tie for Dorian, even though they both look different. Here's this hottie:

Let's head on over to Chaol, my cinnamon roll. I had just typed up a slew of guys to play Chaol but ones that I didn't necessarily believe would be perfect, but then I came upon this guy: Sean O'Pry. Okay, so he isn't an actor, he's a model, but he is taking acting classes. Yeah he's pretty much what I imagine Chaol as:

Following Chaol, we have my baby Rowan. But currently, I have not found someone to play this perfect badass. Because I love Rowan to death, so in my mind nobody could ever do him justice.

Now we move onto Lysandra. I first met Lysandra in The Assassin's Blade and I really thought her to be a bitch. My top choice Lysandra is Caitlin Stasey. There are others who could possibly play her but I couldn't fathom putting down any other names because Caitlin Stasey is now ingrained in my brain as Lysandra. Of course, we wouldn't see her until a few seasons in unless they started with The Assassin's Blade, but she is who I picture currently:

Then we have Aedion. I had absolutely no idea who I wanted Aedion as but then I came across this jewel: Garrett Hedlund. Like, yes bruh. As long as he was shaved and blonde for the TV show, he would be PERFECT! Let me just show you:

And the last character (for now) is Nehemia. And currently the only actress I have picked is Kat Graham:

I don't yet have a Manon in mind. Maybe Cara Delevingne if she didn't have as thick of eyebrows and more defined facial features. Manon Blackbeak is very particular in my mind, kind of like Rowan.

The king, however. Let's talk about this jackass. Alan Van Sprang would play a great King of Adarlan. Not only did he play the jackass king on Reign, but he is also playing Valentine on the Shadowhunters television show. He's the guy who is perfect for being a villain:

So this dream cast will probably change throughout but I'm sure whoever they cast I'll be happy with. I know that I don't know a lot of the actors and actresses out there so there are bound to be some that I will think are even better for these roles. Either way, these are good actors.
xoxo -Lauren

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