Thursday, September 29, 2016

On Reviewing Books...

I've burnt myself out. Let me just start by saying that. Writing a review for EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. you read is exhausting. This is especially true when you are writing one for a book you don't feel passionately (whether good or bad) about.

Between school, swim team, and everything else going on in my life I barely have time to read, let alone write reviews for every single book. With that being said, I mostly wrote reviews for other people, not myself. I'm realizing that I could have a lot more fun with this blog if I wrote what I wanted to write and nothing more. If writing a review feels like a chore for me, then I'm not going to write it.

I will still write reviews. I will still talk passionately about the books I read. The difference is that now I will not write full reviews for all books. If I don't write a review for one, however, I will put a couple sentences of my thoughts in my monthly wrap-ups.

There will be lots of exciting content coming, but as for right now, I just wanted to get that out there. When writing a review starts to feel like a chore, I stop enjoying it.


Thanks for reading

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