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BLOG TOUR: "The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly" by Jamie Pacton + GIVEAWAY

Hello all! I'm back today with another super exciting blog tour stop for The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly by Jamie Pacton in collaboration with Page Street Kids. I'll keep this introduction short because there is a bunch of exciting stuff in this post but I am super excited to be bringing this post to you today! I was lucky enough to review this book and curate a playlist for it and compile a list of my favorite quotes. 


Kit Sweetly slays sexism, bad bosses, and bad luck to become a knight at a medieval-themed restaurant.

Working as a wench―i.e. waitress―at a cheesy medieval-themed restaurant in the Chicago suburbs, Kit Sweetly dreams of being a knight like her brother. She has the moves, is capable on a horse, and desperately needs the raise that comes with knighthood, so she can help her mom pay the mortgage and hold a spot at her dream college.

Company policy allows only guys to be knights. So when Kit takes her brother’s place and reveals her identity at the end of the show, she rockets into internet fame and a whole lot of trouble with the management. But the Girl Knight won’t go down without a fight. As other wenches join her quest, a protest forms. In a joust before Castle executives, they’ll prove that gender restrictions should stay medieval―if they don’t get fired first.

Publisher: Page Street Kids
Release Date: May 5th 2020
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance


4 // 5 stars

To start my review, I would like to thank Page Street Kids for allowing me to participate in this blog tour. I really enjoyed this book and I'm so grateful for the chance to review it and promote it to everyone!

That being said, I really enjoyed this book! I flew through it in only two sittings and it was a wild ride. I've always loved Medieval history and so I was so excited to read this book centered around a Medieval restaurant. I went to my first renaissance faire last summer and loved it, so I was really excited to be able to visualize the actual knight action scenes. 

I loved Kit. I loved reading from her character voice and I just love how resilient she is. Of course, the main plot of the book deals with overcoming the gender bias at her job, but there's also a lot about friendship, family, working class struggles, and issues with just being a teenager. The main focus was on the feminist storyline, but I liked that we got to see multiple sides of Kit and her life. It made her a much more realistic character for me.

The side characters were all very fun to read about as well. We have a wide cast of characters who are in this struggle with Kit and I thought they were all very fun to read about. Our most developed ones were Chris, Jett, and Layla while the other few didn't get much page time (not a bad thing, though). Still, I thought they were all enjoyable characters. 

I adored how much representation we got in this book. There were multiple queer and non-white characters and I loved it. A lot of time in books there has to be a "reason" for a character being queer but I liked that in this book it wasn't a plot device it was just because queer people exist and deserve to be represented too. That was one of the things that I just loved seeing throughout the book. 

The story itself was very compelling. I'm a feminist and I was just metaphorically pumping my fist in the air for most of this book in support of Kit. I did think that the romance plot line did take a bit of a backseat but I still enjoyed it. I don't think that romance needs to be the number one focus in every book, so while I did annoy some people on Goodreads, I thought that it was perfectly fine. This felt less like a contemporary romance and more a coming-of-age story of resilience, friendship, and fighting for what you believe in. And I loved it.  

I actually go to school in the same area as this book is set, so I loved that I could understand all of the little setting markers that the author sprinkled in. It was a small thing that I picked up on but just one that made me smile throughout the book. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I'm so glad I got to read it as a part of this tour. I highly recommend it and hope you'll enter both the giveaway at the end of this post and the one over on Instagram! A big thank you to FFBC & Page Street Kids for the free ARC! 



Who Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce
We are the Champions - Queen
Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Don't Give Up On Me - Andy Grammer
Help! - Beatles
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Raising Hell - Kesha


"This is really all I want. A life with the people I love. Together. Eating shit tons of pancakes"

"People of all genders have been fighting for centuries, in places all over their world. But you've not heard their stories. Here at the Castle, we think it's high time for a change"

"Let's go storm the Castle."

"A little bit of my barf and a huge piece of my heart goes with him."

"Who brings a block of cheese to a laundromat?"

"It's a reminder of your dreams, stupid."


Jamie Pacton writes all sorts of books: dark, feminist YA fantasy; contemporary YA stories with a funny + geeky bent; funny MG adventure-fantasy; and, even the occasional adult rom-com. She was a Pitch Wars mentee in 2015 and she mentored YA in 2016, 2017, and 2018. She grew up minutes away from the National Storytelling Center in the mountains of East Tennessee; she’s the oldest of ten kids; and, she currently lives in rural Wisconsin with her husband, their two kids, and a dog named Lego. The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly (forthcoming May 5, 2020) is her Young Adult debut.



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