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August 2022 Book Haul

Another August, another substantial book haul. I definitely wasn't planning on getting this many books but I also feel I did okay this month in terms of what I got. I got a total of ten books, some used, some new, some special editions. September will definitely be smaller, though, as I'll be focused on moving apartments and an increase in bills (thanks inflation). Let's go ahead and dive in! 

The first book I got this month was Husband Material by Alexis Hall. This is the sequel to Boyfriend Material, one of my favorite romcoms of all time. I am so incredibly excited about this one and definitely would have read it already were it not for having to finish my dissertation this month. The cover is also stunning and looks spectacular next to the first book. I can't wait to dive into it in the coming weeks!

The next few books I got were from a charity/thrift shop I went to. I got four books for less than the price of one brand new, so I consider it to be a pretty good deal. The first one I got was the original UK paperback edition of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I was shocked to find this cover there as it's been out of print for a couple years but I had to get it even though I already had one. 

Then I grabbed Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen. I've never heard of this but the cover drew me in and then it sounded like a pretty badass historical fiction book I might enjoy. I've not got much else to say about it as I haven't read it yet or know too much but I will say that I am looking forward to reading it eventually. 

Up next I grabbed The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. I'd seen the cover around for a few years so I decided to finally read the flap and I decided that it was right up my alley for the price. It's a murder mystery and I'm a big fan of those in TV shows, so I'm looking forward to potentially diving into similar books. This was apparently pretty popular and is the first in a series, so if I like it I'll definitely pick up the others too. 

The last book I got from the charity shop was Becoming by Michelle Obama. I've had this one my wishlist for years, so I couldn't leave it behind when I saw it. I'm not sure when I'll get to finally reading it but I am looking forward to it as I've heard nothing but good things over the years. I'm also just so happy with thrift shops and the ability to get hardcovers like this for affordable prices. 

Then I got my August YA box which included Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen. This Fairyloot edition has an exclusive cover, ombre sprayed edges, artwork on the endpages and hardcover, a ribbon bookmark, and came with a signed bookplate. I think this is a stunning edition and it looks great on my shelves. I also have heard pretty good things about this one so I'm looking forward to reading it soon. 

Up next I got the UK hardcover of She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan. I wanted to get this because it's such a beautiful cover, the paperbacks in the UK are so stiff, and the hardcover goes out of stock once the paperback is released. Luckily I was able to get this right in time before it sold out and it really is just as stunning in person. I also have just heard excellent things and am looking forward to eventually diving into this one. 

My Illumicrate book-only arrived next with Babel by R.F. Kuang. This edition comes in a slipcase with artwork printed on the hardcover, an exclusive cover, digitally sprayed edges, bonus content, and is signed. I knew when it was announced that I wanted to get it and this edition does not disappoint. It is stunning in person and I already know how I want to display it on my shelves in the future. I'm hoping to get to this book in the next few months as well as the hype around it has been insane.

I then got my Fairyloot preorder of Blade Breaker by Victoria Aveyard. I ordered this a few months ago to match the first book's edition and I think it's beautiful. I like the simplistic elements of the special edition features and I think I prefer it over my Waterstones edition. I think the Fairyloot editions of this series are going to end up being my favorite and I can't wait to see what the third one will look like. 

Lastly, I couldn't help but get a physical copy of Triple-Duty Bodyguards by Lily Gold. I read this in the beginning of August and absolutely loved it. It quickly got put on my favorites list and I stuck the paperback on my wishlist to eventually buy. Then it went out of stock for ages and is undergoing a new cover so I decided when I saw this cover back in stock to get it immediately just in case. I'm so excited to have this and annotate it when I decide to reread in the future. 

Well, those are the ten books I got in August. The autumn in general will be a slower book buying time for me but I hope it's a time to power through all the books I've gotten lately. Did you see any favorites in this haul? What have you gotten lately? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!

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