Monday, February 12, 2024

Series Review: "Lore Olympus" Volumes 1-7 by Rachel Smythe

Volumes: 1-7
Series Title: Lore Olympus
Author: Rachel Smythe
Overall Rating: 5 // 5 stars

An aspect of reading that I've been embracing the last few years has been graphic novels. I never read them much as a kid but began reading them in college (starting with Saga). While I don't read them as often as I'd like, I've loved every graphic novel I've read. And Lore Olympus is no different. In fact, it might just be my favorite graphic novel series I've ever read (though Heartstopper is pretty tough competition). 

Lore Olympus started out on WebToon, the same platform Heartstopper began on. It has over a billion views across 269 episodes. That success led it to being collected and released in a series of volumes from Inklore. Currently, there are five volumes released with a further two coming in 2024 that encompass episodes 1-179. Luckily, though, we can still read it for free on WebToon (which is extra good considering there's almost four more volumes worth of content on WebToon that hasn't been collected into a volume yet). 

All this to say, Lore Olympus is an extremely popular WebToon/graphic novel series and I binged the hell out of it. We follow the Greek Gods in a glitzy modern world of society and drama with a twist on the original story of Persephone and Hades. There's romance, backstabbing, magic, friendship, and so much more. 

I picked up Lore Olympus from the library the first weekend after I moved back to the United States. I'd seen it get talked about when it was first getting published years ago but hadn't yet made the jump into reading it. Then I fell right in and didn't stop until I'd finished the first seven volumes worth of content.

This series is addicting as hell and pulled at my heartstrings so much. I love Persephone and Hades so much and getting to see them grow as characters has been so wonderful. These two and their love drive the heart of the series and it's been so wonderful watching it develop. Of course, the other characters are growing on me a lot. I'm loving seeing the various friendships developed (both with Persephone and with each other). 

The plot is engaging. There's the drama and the glamour but there's also a lot of difficult topics that it addresses in very respectful ways. It's a slower moving plot but it works well as I don't feel like we're missing any important details. It also means the series can continue for a long time and I'll get even more content with everyone :)

Overall, this is just a wonderful graphic novels series and I'm so obsessed with it! I can't wait to continue reading it on WebToon and eventually pick up all the collected volumes. Mostly, though, I'm just glad that this series was here to fall into to distract me from all the difficult issues happening in my life. 

Thanks for reading!

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