Saturday, January 30, 2016

The 5th Wave Movie Review

*Spoilery review*

I finally got to see "The 5th Wave" in theaters! There were some problems I had with it but other than that, I absolutely loved it!

     So, comparing it to the book, there were a couple problems I had. First off, they put a shirtless scene in there! Evan is bathing in the creek and Cassie goes looking for him and sees him shirtless. That wasn't in the book! It was definitely for all the teen girls out there who hadn't read the book to attract them to the movie.
      Where was Crisco? And the eye/orb? That whole scene was supposed to have an orb that Cassie runs from because it's about to explode. They didn't even chase after her. And Crisco was supposed to be in the ash pits but he wasn't. There weren't any ash pits!
     Another thing was we didn't get to see a lot of relationships develop that I wanted to see. We saw a little bit of Nugget and Zombie (Sam and Ben) but there was only one cutesy scene in there. A lot of what I loved about Ringer was that she was badass and she slowly developed a relationship with Ben, but we didn't really see that. We also didn't get a lot of what made Evan and Cassie such a good ship. In the book they have conversations and scenes that make me love them. But the movie didn't have hardly any of those. Maybe 1 or 2.
     Next we have the scene where Cassie finds out Evan isn't human. Like, what the heck. In the book, he tells her and lets her inside his mind kind of and she's able to understand him. In the movie, they're attacked and he becomes a vampire (not an actual vampire). I actually commented to my friend, "Okay Edward Cullen." Then Cassie points a gun at him and runs.
     Also, the reunion scene between Ben and Cassie was different. Firstly, they run into each other and have guns pointed and stuff. But then Ben goes, "Woh Cassie, it's me. Ben Parish. We went to high school together." As if she didn't know. But they run off to find Sam, which was adorable by the way.
     As they're looking, Evan freaking drops out of a vent and takes down a couple guards like a ninja badass. Then he's all "Who's this" and Ben goes "Ben Parish". And Evan raises his eyebrows and looks at Cassie and goes "Ben Parish?" And she nods and then he goes over and kisses her to 'mark his territory' because he feels threatened by Ben.
     Lol there was some things different with the movie. I feel as if they're gonna try and throw a love-triangle in there and cut Ringer out, but I hope that they don't do that in the next movie.
     Make no mistake about it, I loved this movie. Even if I had some annoying issues, I still loved it...

    When not comparing it to the book and just reviewing it as a movie, it was freaking amazing. Some scenes were so beautiful. The tsunami one, for instance. I was freaking terrified during that scene. When they were all running up the stairs to escape it, omfg. Or when the water came down on the glass building and there was a lady just standing there. I was in shock. And terrified, because I want to live in a coastal town.
     I also really loved the bus scene (both of them--blowing up and taking Sam), and I thought the blowing-up-the-base was done really well.

     All in all, despite the differences from the book, I still loved this movie. I will be rewatching it over and over again, and I will rush to the theaters to see the next one.

4/5 stars compared to book
5/5 stars when just reviewed as movie


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