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Let's Talk: When to Fear the Living

Title: When to Fear the Living
Author: B.L. Brunnemer
Series: "Veil Diaries" #3
Genre: YA Paranormal RH
Page Length: N/A
Publication Date: May 17, 2017
Date Started: May 17, 2017
Date Finished: May 17, 2017
Rating: 5/5 stars
Book 1 Review
Book 2 Review

*Be advised that there are trigger warnings in this book. Please read responsibly*

Non-Spoiler Review:

I loved this installment. Was it my favorite in the series? No, it tied with all of them because I can't pick a favorite. Things got real in this book. Not only did relationships with each of the guys start to grow but we also saw a lot of backstory (more on that in the spoiler discussion). Definitely heed the trigger warning that B.L. put in the description. There are some pretty graphic scenes so be careful if you think that you may be triggered. 

This book amped things up. I had some small problems with it but everything else made up for it. I felt like we got to see Lexie grow a little bit more as she dealt with everything in this book. Despite certain things that happened to her in this book, I have no doubt the guys will be there to help her and care for her in the following books. 

I'm so excited for the next installment. Things are starting to happen and I have a feeling that a lot of them are going to come to pass in the next book! But for now, I loved this book. I stayed up from the moment it went live until 3 am to read it. I cried, I laughed, I fell even more in love with these characters. I 100% recommend this book to any paranormal or RH fan out there!

Spoiler Discussion:

So...we finally got Zeke's backstory. He told Lexie about his mom being murdered and his dad committing suicide. It's heartbreaking to say the least. However, there was a moment Zeke was talking with Rory that made a hint that maybe his dad was still alive? I hope this isn't foreshadowing something bad happening in the next few books.

We also got a lot of Zeke in this book, which I loved. Zeke and Asher are my favorites of the guys, probably because we've seen the most of them and Miles, who is my next favorite. We got a lot of Zeke and Lexie bantering as well as flat out fighting, which lead to revelations on both sides. We got a lot of protective and also nice Zeke (come on...dancing in the snow after changing her tire: I loved it!). Also, the whole time Zeke was sick was just amazing for me. I loved how Lexie could calm him down when he was sick and usually doesn't let people near him. That whole sick!Zeke part was simply amazing. 

Also: Zeke was the first to kiss her!!! Well...kiss her on the lips. Forehead kisses don't count in the romantic sense when it comes to Lexie and her guys. At the end of book 2 I was seriously doubting, but still praying, that Zeke would be the first to kiss her. And he did! They didn't get to talk about it yet, though, and I really hope we get to see them talking in the next book. 

Just a quick shoutout to two side characters: Riley and Maria. Despite Zeke and Riley breaking up, Riley still came to support Lexie and made a point to let her know that just because she and Zeke were done, it didn't mean she broke up with Lexie's friendship either. I loved it. Also, the twin's mom, Maria, is freaking amazing. She's caring, fun, and a great cook. She was there for Lexie during the rape kit and she was there to teach Lexie how to salsa (not gonna lie, I thought she was going to give Lexie lessons on how to make salsa dip and not how to dance...). I am excited to see more of Maria.

Maria also let us in on a little bit of Ethan and Issac's backstory as well as a little bit of the twin telling us about their sister. I know it would be best for Sophie to move on, but I really want Lexie to know her a little bit more so that she can have that bond like the guys do. Also, Ethan and Issac's dad is in prison because he assaulted Maria, who's simply a badass. I think that this will play a part in the future with Ethan and Issac and Lexie simply because it's not something that's easy to deal with even after many years and Lexie could help them. 

Lexie made it through the Veil! She fixed it for the most part and just needs to help souls cross in order to rebuild and reinforce it completely! I was worried that she was going to overdo it and end up locked in the fetal position again but she knew her limits and I'm proud of her. She finally crossed those two bitches Mr and Mrs McClain. About time. Plus, at the end of the book it talked about how the souls understood she could only do a few at a time and even form a ghost bodyguard squad to keep too many ghosts from trying to get to her. I loved that.

However, we drifted away from the dead aspect a lot more in this book, which is where the title comes into play. Lexie's stalker was really fucking creepy. I personally would not have started texting him and leading him on towards the path of friendship. The whole book whenever there was a hint her stalker was there, I was on edge. The footprints outside her back door? That had me making sure my doors were locked. The flowers? Why would he know where she lived. Then things escalated. He tried to kidnap her but failed and things escalated. Pictures, an engagement ring, a dead dove in her locker, setting Zeke's jeep on fire. Everything just blew up. Then he succeeded in kidnapping her and the only thing that saved her was Miles's tracking device in her book. 

Lexie is definitely going to struggle with what happened to her in the next few books, more so than with anything else she's gone through. Already she has triggers and is struggling. I know that she will be okay, especially with her guys there to help her through her trauma.

All in all, I loved it. I waited so long for this book and ended up blowing through it the moment it released (early, might I add). But I have no regrets. I love this world and these characters and their friendships. I am so excited for book 4 and also for the new adult series B.L. is writing that had a sneak peek in the back of this book. It looks pretty good so far.

All I can say is...when does book 4 come out? 


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  1. Awesome review! How did I not know that it was released early? :D I knew I liked Riley for a reason and I love how the story progressed. The cycle of waiting for the next book, torture ;)