Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Author Spotlight: Rebecca Royce

Hey guys! So today we're starting a new segment on my blog called "Author Spotlight". These will be occasional and a special treat both for me and for all you readers. This first spotlight will be focusing on an author who has written many books in many different genres: Rebecca Royce.


The Basics:

Rebecca is an author who has written dozens upon dozens of books in science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal. A few of her series have also been categorized in the sub-genre of Reverse Harem (for more information on what specifically reverse harem is, see my blog post about it here). For more personal information on Rebecca, check out her website linked below!

You can find her online at these locations:
Rebecca's Website
Rebecca's Goodreads
Rebecca's Twitter
Rebecca's Facebook
Rebecca's Amazon


Where To Start:

Rebecca has 107 books listed on Goodreads, which might seem a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what to read first. Thankfully, I have narrowed it down for all of you to a few I think you should read first! Now, the two I am going to feature are RH series as I primarily read Rebecca's RH books. I think that her RH's are amazing and the characters are realistic yet swoonworthy.

First, Rebecca just released Tradition Be Damned, book 1 in the "Last Hope" series.
"It is the end of days…

Taken from her family at birth, and raised by the mystic Sisterhood, Anne understands she will fight the demons for the rest of her life. Often referred to as the Weird Sister, Anne longs for a life she knows she can never have and dreams of her five guards affections although she believes they hold her in disdain. 

She couldn’t be more wrong. 

Bryant, Mason, Garrett, Kieran and Milo see Anne for who she is and they’ve loved her every day they’ve known her, although they can never see her face. Fate has chosen them as her beloveds and when the already destroyed world falls apart, they will see they are meant to be…and that maybe all hope is not lost at all. Maybe it is just the beginning."

I just finished reading this book recently and absolutely adored it. I won't go too much in depth but if you want to know more of my thoughts, my review is posted here.

Another RH series of hers is "Wings of Artemis" with book 1 being Kidnapped By Her Husbands.
 "Alone in prison.
No recollection of the past.
A baby grows inside her.

In a futuristic world where women are scarce and only the wealthy can afford a wife, Melissa Alexander is trapped in a prison rehabilitation center with no memory of who she is. The unborn child growing inside her is all that keeps them from making her pay for the sins she's committed--sins she cannot recall. But when five sexy strangers, claiming to be her husbands, kidnap her and bring her to safety, Melissa fears she can't trust them. All she can remember is what she was taught under the prison's watchful, vengeful eye: to hate them. But how can she hate--or love--what she can't remember?"

I have not read this book but I have wanted to for a while. I read a companion novel that is later in the series that focuses on a different character and I really enjoyed it. This whole series is definitely on my TBR!

What People Are Saying:

On Kidnapped By Her Husbands...

"Loved It!" 5/5 stars - Shamika Moore, Goodreads

"I LOVED this book! The changes in Melissa throughout the story make my heart soar! Don't even get me started on the men!" 5/5 stars-Abigail, Goodreads

On Tradition Be Damned...

"I am a huge fan of the paranormal and post apocalyptic genre. This book surprised me in the best way possible. I love love love the new world that the author created. Not only do you have demons and spirits and angels, but it's Reverse Harem and filled with hot guys! It's got action, love, and steam. Stop reading this to go click the buy button. You won't be disappointed!" 5/5 stars-Brandy Slaven, Goodreads

"I loved it! An awesome reverse harem story about lies, wrong assumptions, pure heart and deep love. Every one of her man got a chance to show who he is and his own specific kind of love. It was sexy, tense, brutal and ultimately joyful! Loved it!" 5/5 stars -Peter Carlstrom, Goodreads


Thanks for reading! I would definitely recommend checking Rebecca out on the sites linked above!!! For an interview with Rebecca, follow this link :)


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