Sunday, September 24, 2017

What Teen Wolf Means To Me...

Hey guys, I know I normally post about books, but today we're gonna change it up a bit, maybe reminisce a little. I'm gonna talk about Teen Wolf.

A Letter to the Cast and Crew of MTV's Teen Wolf...

When I first discovered Teen Wolf, it was during a particularly shitty part of my life (which it is hard to differentiate parts of my life as I'm only a freshman in college). My parents had just gone through a divorce and my sister and I had moved with my mom. I had friends I'd see and interact with at school, but I didn't have many super close friends, especially outside of school (except for one, which I'll get to), and I felt pretty alone.

Then I met Kenzie, who lived two houses up the street from me. One day, I went over to her house and she was watching this new show that I'd seen trailers for, but I'd never watched it. That show was Teen Wolf. She was watching one of the second or third episodes of the first season; I became interested and we started watching from the beginning. That's when I became obsessed.

From the finale of season one and into season two I was enthralled. I was able to start watching it live during the back half of Season 2 and onward (I've only missed two episodes live since from when I was super sick and the other from when I was on vacation in France). I watched and I live tweeted and I didn't feel so alone. The community of Teen Wolf fans on Twitter and Instagram was amazing. I was able to connect with people who were experiencing the show in the same way as me. People who understood my love for this show. 

I've read dozens of fanfictions (even written a few, if I'm being completely honest). I've watched tons of fan-made trailers. I've rewatched and binged and picked apart every episode. I own merch and hoodies and the tv seasons. I've been wanting a TW-inspired tattoo for years and am finally going to be getting one in the next few months. I hate the fact I never got to go to Comic Con and see the cast, but I watched every panel on YouTube anyway. 

Teen Wolf was my lifeline. I wouldn't be the person I am today without this show, which may sound overdramatic or very much like a cliche teenager, but it's true. My best friend and I bonded over this show. And then when we drifted apart and made new best friends, I introduced my new friends to the show. Friends who thought I was just being over-obsessive about the show finally understood it and became fans themselves. Most of my best friends now watch the show almost (but not quite) as religiously as I do. We'd text each other throughout the episodes, usually in all caps and indecipherable sentences. The bonds I've formed with people over this show were not something I was expecting when I innocently sat down to watch this show, but I'm so grateful for them.

Teen Wolf helped me through a dark time. These characters really were a lifeline for me. They provided me companionship and comfort. This show provided an escape. I fell in love with these characters. I've laughed and sobbed over these characters. The stories kept me coming back every single week. The characters we've lost have left me in pieces for days afterward. The trials and tribulations wrenched at my heart. It was everything I loved and more. 

So, it is to you, the cast and crew of Teen Wolf, that I say thank you. I wouldn't be the person I am today without this show, and it was every single one of you's determination and hard work and love for the show that made it what it is. 

To the original cast of season one: I fell first in love with you all. When I think of Teen Wolf, yes I think of the newer seasons where so much has changed, but I first think of this season. The innocence of the characters, the humor, and even the original special effects that have improved so much over the years. While there are only two main characters from season one that are still main characters, I still think of TW with these characters first. 

To the Jeff Davis and the crews who worked every season: You helped create this show that means so much to me. This show means more to me than words can even describe (despite how hard I'm trying in this letter). You've spent hours working and I can't thank you enough for bringing this show to screens. 

To the cast (both past and present): you play these characters brilliantly. I've rewritten this portion over and over and I still can't seem to get it right. You've brought these characters to life in a way that I hadn't seen in other shows before. You add depth to the show and to your individual characters and put so much passion into the characters and their journeys. You've been excellent people off-screen and have such great interactions with fans. I still remember screaming in excitement when Melissa Ponzio responded to one of my tweets years ago. You're all brilliant and I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and soul that you've put into Teen Wolf.

To Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien: you've shown me what true friendship looks like, both on screen as Scott and Stiles and off screen as Tyler and Dylan. You gave me my two favorite TV characters and you brought humor and life to my favorite series. You helped show me what it means to be a good friend and a good person when I didn't have many role models, and that was instrumental in shaping who I am as a person today. I will never be able to say enough words on how much it means to me.

Teen Wolf has provided me with companionship when I didn't have many people there for me, a distraction from any hard times in life, humor and excitement when my life was perhaps a little bit boring, and role models that I'm still going to look up to as I continue on in life. This show has been a constant in my life for over six years when everything else was changing. It's been in my life longer than most of my current friends and even some of my closest family members. I went through half of middle school, all of high school, and now part of college with this show. I know I will always be able to rewatch the episodes, but it won't be the same. Yet, I know that Teen Wolf will always be one of the most important and influential parts of my life.

As I go into this series finale of Teen Wolf tonight, I am so incredibly sad to see this final season end, but I am indescribably grateful that I've had this show in my life.

From someone who has watched since day 1...thank you,
P.S. I totally cried writing this...I always knew the show would have to end at some point, but now that it's here, I'm not ready for the end...I know for a fact that I will be bawling mess when the episode is over.
Here are some of the pictures and memes I found in my camera roll that are TW-related. They are with friends who I got to watch TW,  screencaps of my favorite moments, or just memes related to the show...

For perspective on this one, my friends and I would all wear our TW gear on days when there was a new episode. It was our ritual, and I just realized that tonight is the last night I get to do that...
Thank you for the last 6 years

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