Monday, November 6, 2017

Never Have I Ever: Book Edition

I love playing 'Never Have I Ever' with my friends at bonfires and pool parties, but I had never done a book themed edition. I saw someone doing it on Instagram one day and I knew that I had to do it. So, I went and scoured the interwebs and YouTubes for the best questions/prompts and compiled a pretty substantial list. I'm excited, are you excited? Let's go!

...Lost my cool when meeting an author--and maybe embarrassed myself...

I have lost my inner cool, but never my outer cool when meeting an author. I've only met a few authors in my lifetime so I don't really have any embarrassing stories. However, I was internally freaking out when I met Sarah J. Maas, and then I definitely almost started crying out of happiness when it was over. 

...told someone I read the book when I only saw the movie...

I don't think that I've ever done this. If I have, I don't recall it. I usually don't lie so if I haven't read the book, I usually just say that.

...forgotten (or refused) to return a library book...

Oh, I definitely have. There have been many times I have forgotten to return library books and ended up with fines. This is why I buy most of my books, so that I won't feel the pressure to read a certain book in a certain time as I often do feel when I check out library books. 

...completely fallen in love with a fictional character...

Obviously I have. Most of the books I read and love end up with me absolutely in love with at least one of the characters. To name a few: Rhysand, Rowan, Dorian, Cassian, Warden, Elias, Daemon, Bracken, Thorne, Julian, Silas, Coen, Jael, Asher, Zeke, and so many more. RH books are my kryptonite because there's usually a harem of 3 or more guys that I completely fall in love with. I will also admit to slightly being in love with Aelin, Feyre, and Willa. 

...left a book behind while traveling (...accidentally)...

I have never. I'm horrified just thinking of the possibility. I would hate to accidentally forget a book...I would be devastated if I did. I almost left my copy of Breaking Dawn on a plane once, but I remembered before I got off and went back to get it. It was when I was 9 or something and was visiting Washington state, and in turn, Forks. 

...stayed up all night reading...

What reader hasn't done that at least once? I've done this so many times it's not even funny. I've had a lot of really tiring 8 ams because I stayed up until 3 am to finish reading a book. But when I'm in the middle of a good book, I have too much energy to go to sleep. 

...started a book but didn't finish...

I have been doing this more often lately. I don't want to force myself to read a book when I'm not enjoying it, and I've been doing better and putting those books down rather than putting myself in an anti-reading mood. Sometimes I actively say I'm not going to finish a book, but other times I just stop reading to do something else and just never pick it back up. 

...owned several copies of the same book...

I can name so many different books and series that I own multiple copies of, the most notable being Harry Potter, Twilight, or Throne of Glass. It's an obsession but all the different editions are soooo gorgeous.


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed.


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