Thursday, October 17, 2019

Studying Abroad in London: Musicals & Stonehenge

Another week has passed here in the beautiful city of London. I keep waiting for the awe to fade and it just hasn't. I've been having a blast and I truly never want to leave this city. I keep finding new things that draw me towards staying or, at the very least, coming back after graduation. 

This past week was a whirlwind of activities and excitement. So much happened in just a few short days and rather than try to wrap it-up in a few sentences here, let's just dive into the actual post. 

October 7, 2019

On Monday I went to get lunch with Isaac. I can't remember what we ate but I remember that is was pretty tasty. Then I had lecture. It was alright--not as exciting as the first day of class but it was definitely better than some of my classes back home. 

After class, I headed back to the flat and had pasta for dinner. That was super yummy. Afterwards, Isaac and I headed back to my room to just hang out and watch Netflix. We ended up making things official, too, so I guess this means I have a boyfriend now? Surprise!

October 8, 2019

I had to wake up early on Tuesday to go to an excursion for my Gothic Literature class with one of my friends. We got there a bit early since traffic was lighter than anticipated but we were able to just sit outside this little cafe while we waited.

the library
Strawberry Hill House
We went to Strawberry Hill House, which has a lot of historical significance to the Gothic genre. It was a really interesting tour that we got to go on. The house itself really isn't that old but was built to seem older than it was. Plus, it had an amazing library that I would love to have one day.

On the way home I fell asleep on the bus. I had to take Dramamine so that I wouldn't get motion sick and that always makes me drowsy. Unfortunately, then my friend I was with also fell asleep and we both didn't wake up until the bus terminated and the driver kicked us off. Talk about a total fail. Plus, I was stuck without very much money and a negative Oyster card.

Eventually we did get back to campus and I was able to get lunch, thankfully. Then I just got some cuddles before I left with another friend to go see Wicked in West End. It was an absolutely awesome show and I'm so glad I finally got to see it. I'm a sucker for backstories and happy endings, so I will say that I definitely approve of this one.

October 9, 2019

Today was our first excursion for my Hidden London writing class and it was pretty fun. A few friends and I ventured away from campus pretty early so that we could get to the meet point and it was a long public transport ride, though it wasn't too difficult.

The excursion itself was to Brick Lane and Whitechapel. It was pretty interesting, though I did zone out at a few parts. We ended up going into this church and the organist was in there practicing so we got to hear some awesome music. I would definitely consider going back to see his concert in a couple weeks.

the organist practicing
After the excursion ended, I trekked over to White City and the Westfield Shopping Centre where I met up with Isaac and two of our friends. We went to see The Joker and I have some mixed feelings about it. It's a very compelling story and was wonderfully done from a craft standpoint, but I just don't think it was the movie for me. Afterwards, we went to an Italian place for dinner where we got the biggest bowl of carbonara I've ever seen. We were both able to have huge helpings and bring home pasta for the next day. It was pretty great. 

October 10, 2019

my view of the stage
On Thursday I had a pretty chill day. I got lunch with Isaac at one of the places on campus and then I went to see Hamilton! I've wanted to see Hamilton for about four years now so finally getting to see it on the stage was like a dream come true. I had amazing seats and was able to be fully immersed in the show. It was so well done, though some of the London actors' American accents weren't the best. I already have plans to see it again before I leave since it's not going to be in Chicago by the time I get back.

After Hamilton, I just headed back to campus where I ate dinner, engaged in cuddles, and watched Halloweentown. Isaac has no choice but to binge the best Halloween movies ever with me and I'm very much looking forward to the next ones.

October 11, 2019

On Friday, I headed to ASDA to get some necessities and some Halloween goodies. When I got back, I headed to lunch with Isaac and then just chilled for most of the day.

Later in the evening, all my flatmates and I hung out in the kitchen playing games and drinking before heading to The Bop, aka the weekly campus dance party. Isaac and I didn't actually end up staying that long but it was fun while it lasted. 

October 12, 2019

On Saturday I went to Stonehenge and Bath on a social programme trip. One of my flatmates went as well which was super fun and we were able to have a really enjoyable day. We left pretty early but I managed to sleep most of the almost-3 hour drive to Bath from London.

When we got to Bath, we started on a tour of the Roman Baths that the city is known for. While walking through the museum part of the tour, I stepped in vomit which was no bueno for me. However, once I got away from the stench and was able to wipe my shoes off, I had an enjoyable time. It was interesting to see the hot springs and how all the architecture had been built around them. We even touched the water (shhh---it's not allowed) and got to drink some of the approved spring water. It wasn't good.

After we left the tour, we went to lunch at this cafe in the city. I had the cheesiest, meltiest croque monsieur ever and it was so yummy. Then we picked up ice cream from a little shop in town as apparently that area of England is known for dairy and ice cream. I do have to say, the ice cream was very good.

Then we hopped back on the coach and drove another hour to Stonehenge. At this point it had started raining so I pulled out my trusty umbrella as we trudged up to the rocks. It was actually really interesting to hear a bit of the history behind them as well as find out that no one really knows why they were put there. A mood, honestly.

After that, I bought some socks with rocks on them before sleeping almost the entire three hour trip home. We hit bad traffic so we got back an hour later than expected, but I'd say it was still worth it for all we got to see and do despite being on a bus for 7~ hours.

I ate some dinner, took a nice warm shower to chase away the cold from the day, and then watched movies with Isaac before bed. 

October 13, 2019

Sunday was just a somewhat lazy day. We were productive but we also didn't leave the flat. I was able to somewhat deep clean my room and organize a lot of the mess (with Isaac's help), which was nice, as well as work on blog stuff and whatnot. We ended the day by just watching movies again. 

This week was definitely one of my favorites so far, though I've been having a really amazing time. This upcoming week is shaping up to be another great one, though, and I can't wait for it all to happen. 

Thanks for reading!

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