Friday, April 3, 2020

March 2020 Book Haul!

So...I got a lot of books in March. After not purchasing a single book in February (though I did get some for free) the number I bought this month is a bit much...though I do have my reasons. I got 17 books this month, though 8 were preorders or used gift cards, 3 were sent to me by publishers, 2 were for class, and the others were ones that I really wanted to treat myself to. Let's just go ahead and dive right in!

Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, #1)The first book I got this month was Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare. I had preordered this months ago with a gift card so I was eagerly anticipating the date that it would finally arrive. While I don't expect to read this soon, I am beginning my reread of the Infernal Devices so that I can dive into this new book with fresh eyes! Plus, the cover and book itself is just absolutely stunning.

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City, #1)Up next, I have two copies of House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas. One is the regular US hardcover that I picked up from Barnes & Noble on release day and the other was the Waterstones edition with red-stained edges that I picked up while I was in London. I am also getting the special tour edition and another copy with a bookplate, so look forward to those in April!

Ash PrincessThen I got the entire Ash Princess trilogy by Laura Sebastian. This was sent to me by the publisher for my participation in the Ember Queen blog tour that was hosted by FFBC (you can find my post here). I was really happy to get copies of this trilogy since I'd only had the ebooks of the first two! I also read this entire trilogy in March and it was quite a great ride!

A Court of Thorns and Roses - WikipediaUp next, while I was in London, I got the entire A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy (minus book 2 since I already had it) in the gorgeous UK paperbacks. This series is getting an entire new set of covers and I knew that I wanted these editions before they went out of print, so while I was visiting London I picked them up.

CursedI also picked up Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout while I was in London. Jennifer is one of my auto-buy authors and I'm slowly trying to collect all of her books. Since she has over 50 published, it's taken me a while to buy them (and I'm still only halfway). This is one of her young-adult standalones and I figured that it's cheaper to buy in the UK so I picked it up when I saw it in Waterstones.

When I got back, I had to buy a couple of books for my classes since I no longer have access to the campus library. These were The Escape by William Wells Brown and The People Could Fly by Virginia Hamilton. The first one is a play written about escaping slavery while the other is about African-American folktales. I'm taking an African-American Literature class and it's probably my favorite class this semester, so I'm really excited about both of these books. Kingsbane (The Empirium Trilogy) (0760789291593 ...Up next, I have five books from Barnes & Noble. One of my amazing friends gave me a gift card that she wasn't going to use and I went a little bit crazy? I actually didn't spend over the gift card amount but I did try to get as many books as I could.

First, I picked up the paperback edition of Kingsbane by Claire Legrand, which actually releases April 7. I thought I was preordering it but I guess they sent it early because it arrived with the rest of the books. Anyway, this was one of my favorite books of 2019 and I am so excited for the final book to be releasing later this year. This book absolutely wrecked me and I cannot wait to reread it. The paperback is also a lot simpler than the hardcover and it's just so pretty.

Review: A Court of Thorn and Roses Trilogy – Mrs K ReadsI also got the A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy in the US paperbacks (minus book 2 since I already had it). Again, as with the UK paperbacks, I picked these up because I wanted them for my collection. Since the series is getting new covers, I also knew I wanted to get them before the new covers released so that I wouldn't run into the challenge of trying to find out of print books (because I hate that).

She's With Me
The last book I got from Barnes & Noble was She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo. This was originally published on Wattpad and was my favorite story on there, so when I found out that it was being traditionally published by Wattpad Books, I was so excited. I finally got my hands on a copy and I ended up reading it the same day that it got delivered! I also just want to reread it immediately!

So those are all of the books I got in March. I definitely didn't expect to get that many and I am setting a goal to myself of not purchasing a single book in April (though books that I previously purchased that are on their way don't count). It will be tough since I have more time to read and I find that my urge to buy books goes up whenever I'm reading more, but I am trying to be strong and not spend money because of this whole pandemic situation. Either way, I do know that I'll be getting some books from publishers this month, so I'll see you in the next haul!

Thanks for reading!

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