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Book Review: "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
Title: Breaking Dawn
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Series: "Twilight Saga" #4
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Page Length: 756 pages
Publication Date: August 2, 2008
Rating: 5 // 5 stars

*Small (and I mean small) spoilers for the series*

So...I finished my reread of the Twilight Saga. Like with the rest of the books in this series, I haven't read Breaking Dawn in years. I do not know when the last time I read it was, but I know that this was probably my most-read book of the entire series. It always used to be my favorite and I was questioning if that would change when I reread it.

I don't know if it's my favorite or if it's tied with Twilight and New Moon for the top spot. I think the one thing is the first half of the book is so long and part of it is told from Jacob's point of view which felt less like Twilight to me. The part where Bella is pregnant just felt a lot longer than it needed to be, honestly. I do absolutely love the rest of it, though, from the honeymoon to her becoming a vampire to the ending. Especially the last half of the book! I have always loved that part of the series the most (for reasons I can't really get into without major spoilers). I'd probably say that this is my favorite book but Twilight and New Moon are close seconds.

That being said, I think one of the reasons why I like this book the most is because the whole love-triangle business is pretty much over. Obviously we still have a bit of those feelings swirling around, but as there's a wedding going on, it's pretty finalized and eventually those angsty feelings from all the characters go away. I really love how the characters in the love triangle overcome those antagonistic feelings and become very tight-knit.

Another reason I like this book more was because a lot of the toxic behavior is much less. We have a very small amount of it, but you can really see the character growth from the first book to this one. Edward, though he disagrees with some of her actions, doesn't force Bella into doing anything. I just like how these characters have developed past the need for control and asshole-ness.

I like how we get to see all the Cullen clan more in this book as well as the Pack. I love each of these sets of characters and seeing them all throughout the entire book was such good time for me. I like big found-family groups in books and these groups are the definition of found-family.

That being said, still not a big fan of a few small things such as how Bella chose Nessie's name, the pregnancy scenes, etc. But overall I still really enjoyed this installment and it's still my number one.

It will be interesting for me after finishing this reread to go back to the beginning in Midnight Sun for Edward's perspective. There's only a year and a half or so between the start of Twilight and Breaking Dawn but it feels so much longer. I can't wait to see Edward's POV, though, and hopefully get even more Cullen family content!

Thanks for reading!

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