Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Unboxing: Fairyloot's "Farewell My Love" (September 2022)

Another month, another Fairyloot. From the moment they announced this box, I was excited for it. It shipped quite early this month, which was a real treat, and I was so excited when it arrived. They announced there would be a blanket in this box, as well as the last trinket dish in their collectible series. Additionally, this is the first month of there only being four items instead of five. To be honest, I didn't really notice. Between the bigger, high quality items, tarot cards, extra prints and bookmarks, and the book, I think we still get a lot for our money. I really liked this box (it was one of their better ones I've gotten recently) so let's just dive in! 

The first item was a set of botanic themed coasters designed by @stellabookishart. These are quite pretty and I do think they're a useful item. I like that they're fandom neutral as I can definitely use them around our home. However, I am not quite sure when I'll get use out of them as I have a lot of coasters but not enough space to need that many just yet. 

Up next was the final trinket dish in the collectible series designed by @arz28. This one features Cardan from The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. These dishes are gorgeous but I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of them. I have other trinket dishes but I tend to prefer covered storage to prevent dust on things. Also, I've not read any of the books that are featured with the trinket dishes, though all are on my TBR. In that, maybe on day I'll be able to display these on bookshelves when my stuff is out of storage but for now these will stay boxed away with other book merch. 

Then there was a tea tin inspired by this month's book, Belladonna by Adalyn Grace, that was designed by @chattynora. It is another beautiful tea tin that Fairyloot seems to really enjoy including in their boxes. I think this is the fourth tea tin I own from them now? They're pretty cute and I like that they have lids so I can keep dust out of things. I think I'll store various bookish merch items in them or I might even use them for stationary stuff. 

The last full item was a blanket designed by @afterblossom_art inspired by Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim. This and the book of the month were the main reasons that I got this box. I've gotten Fairyloot blankets in the past and I was quite excited. I haven't yet unrolled this fully as we're in the process of moving, but I've seen pictures of it online and it's beautiful. Plus, it's super soft and fluffy. It'll definitely come in handy this winter when it's too expensive to turn on our heating. 

The tarot cards this month were also themed after this month's book, Belladonna. We have Signa as The Hanged Man and Death as the Death card. These, like usual, are beautiful. I'm actually really enjoying collecting the tarot cards this time around. I say this every month but I really like that the tarot cards are themed after books they include in their boxes.  

This month's book was Belladonna. It came with an exclusive cover, stencil sprayed edges, artwork printed on the hardcover designed by @taratjah, artwork on the endpages by @monolimeart, and was signed. I've read books by Adalyn Grace and really enjoyed them, so I was definitely looking forward to her newest book. I was quite excited that it was going to be in this box and this edition is stunning. I much prefer this darker, purple themed edition over the standard UK edition. Plus, the edges are stunning. The art print was designed by @kudriaken. 

Overall, I loved this box. I think Fairyloot have really upped their game the last couple years and I've enjoyed all their boxes since I resubscribed last December. I will be skipping all subscriptions in October, as I will be in the process of moving, but I am eagerly looking forward to my next box in the future (hopefully November). I think my favorite items were the blanket and the book for sure. 

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