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Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2023

One of my favorite times of year is when I get to wrap up one reading year and look ahead to the excitement of the next. I typically do a series of blog posts over the span of a few weeks around this time of year and this marks the third in that series and also one of my favorites.

Today I'm going to be discussing my most anticipated book releases for the new year. I'll be honest, I'm anticipating a lot of them. I have a document tracking book releases that includes dozens of titles over multiple years from authors and series I love, debuts I'm excited about, and series installments for books I already own. It'd be way too long to talk about them all, though, so I've narrowed it down to my top 10 releases for the new year (listed in chronological order).

Up first, we have my most anticipated book of 2023: City of Souls and Sinners by Kayla Edwards which releases on January 31st. This is the second book in the House of Devils series, just after City of Gods and Monsters, which was my favorite book of 2022. The first book was everything to me and was a reminder of why I love reading (you can also find my review here). I haven't stopped thinking about it since I finished it over the summer and I'm just grateful that the sequel is coming so soon at the beginning of the year. The author has been sharing snippets on her socials that have just got me so it's going to be longer than the first! 

Following that on the same day we have The Ever Storms by Amanda Foody. This is the third book in the Wilderlore series, following The Accidental Apprentice and The Weeping Tide. Amanda Foody is a recent favorite in the past few years and I absolutely adored The Accidental Apprentice when I read it. Now, I haven't yet read the sequel like I thought I would have, but I'm still excited for the third book nonetheless. I plan on doing a reread of the first book and then diving into the sequels for a binge-a-thon. These books are middle grade adventure fantasy and feel just like a warm hug. 

And with another title releasing on the same day, we have Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare, the third and final book the The Last Hours trilogy set in the Shadowhunters world. I have heard nothing but good things about this trilogy and I've read every other Shadowhunters series thus far. The only reason I haven't read this one yet is because I've been waiting for this final book. Now that it's almost out, I can finally dive into these new books and meet an entirely new cast of characters while also revisiting some favorites. 

Up next, on February 14th, we have the new editions of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. As many of you know, this is one of my favorite series. It's recently undergone a cover change with the new editions coming out in 2023. I am one of the minority who actually really like the new covers. Of course, I love and prefer the old covers but since I already own all of them I am happy to get new ones. Having read all the books, I can also see the symbolism behind each cover and I quite like them for that. It'll be a while before I actually buy all of them, though. 

Then, on February 28th, we have the first of three new exciting releases from Chloe Gong this year. This one, and the one I'm probably most excited about thus far, is Last Violent Call, a collection of two novellas set in the overall Secret Shanghai world (aka These Violent Delights and Foul Lady Fortune). It was recently revealed a few weeks ago what (and who) the novellas were about and I am beyond excited. Obviously I won't give spoilers here but let's just say that I am going to flip out when I finally have this in my hands. 

April 4th brings A Shadow Crown by Melissa Blair, the second book in the Halfling Saga following A Broken Blade. A Broken Blade was one of my favorite books of 2021 and was recently republished this year with a traditional publisher. The wait for the sequel has been agonizing but I am beyond excited that we finally have a date, a title, and a cover! This is a fantasy that I absolutely fell in love with and I am very much looking forward to seeing where the series goes. However, April still seems so far away. 

Up next on May 9th is A Crown of Ivy and Glass by Claire Legrand, the first book in her new Middlemist trilogy. I love Claire's writing and when this was announced I was beyond excited to read it. It's a New Adult fantasy romance trilogy and I am such a sucker for fantasy romance. I also trust Claire to make it a good story. Of course, I still have about six months to go until I can read it but that doesn't mean I'm any less excited. 

Then we have the second of Chloe Gong's 2023 releases I'm excited for: Immortal Longings, the first in her Flesh and False Gods trilogy, which is also her adult debut. This was inspired by Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra and Chloe is nothing if not a master at Shakespeare retellings. As I stated earlier, I love her Secret Shanghai books and while this one is not set in the same world, I'm very excited, especially to see how she does with making the leap into adult writing. 

August 29th brings Heavenly Tyrant by Xiran Jay Zhao. This is the sequel to Iron Widow, which was one of my favorite books of 2021. I couldn't put it down and I flew through it. The ending absolutely shook me and I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel's arrival (I'd hoped 2022 but alas). It's still quite far away but I'm excited nonetheless (having a goal to look towards helps). 

And, finally, we have the second untitled Foul Lady Fortune book (or the fourth Secret Shanghai) by Chloe Gong. I loved Foul Lady Fortune when I read it and I very desperately need the sequel to come soon after the cliffhanger ending. I'm pretty sure it's the last book in the Secret Shanghai (at least that's been announced). I'm not sure I'm ready for the world to be done but I'm also excited to read it nonetheless. 

And, of course, here are some honorable mentions...
  • Realm Breaker #3 by Victoria Aveyard (I haven't read the first two but I'm hoping to binge them when the third book releases) 
  • A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon (I've loved everything by Samantha, even though I haven't read Priory yet)
  • The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi by S.A. Chakraborty (I've been excited for this since it was announced as I loved her other trilogy)
  • A Soul of Ash and Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout (This is Hawke's POV book and I'm definitely intrigued by it)
  • A Tempest of Tea by Hafsah Faizal (I enjoyed her other duology and I've been looking forward to this one since it was announced)
  • Crescent City #3 by Sarah J. Maas (This one is almost certainly coming in 2024 but if it does come in 2023, it would have made the #2 most anticipated release on this list) 

Thanks for reading!

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