Thursday, December 28, 2023

Most Anticipated 2024 Book Releases

One of my favorite parts of the year is when I get to wrap up the past reading year and look ahead at what I'm excited about in the new one. Today, I'm discussing my most anticipated releases for the new year! Now, the books I'm talking about here are my most anticipated but there are plenty more than I'm looking forward to or interested in. Additionally, I often find that releases in the back half of the year don't fall on my radar until a few months in so this is a bit front loaded. So while I'm interested in plenty more and see myself discovering plenty of new books in 2024, these are the ones that I'm currently most excited for in rough publication order. 

Up first is a book that I'm actually not going to be able to discuss right now until the St. Martin's Press boycott ends. But it comes out soon here in the UK with a different publisher but as the US publisher is St. Martin's Press, I'll be refraining from doing any review for now. But I am very excited and plan on reading it soon.

Then I have House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas. I love all her books and I've been eagerly anticipating this third book for almost two years now (like most people probably). It's crazy to me that I started reading her books in 2015 and am still going. I'm hoping to do a full reread in January leading up to it. 
Up next is City of Lies and Legends by Kayla Edwards. This is the third book in the House of Devils series and I'm so incredibly excited for it. The first book, City of Gods and Monsters, follows a woman and a supernatural bounty hunter who is contracted to kill her. When he meets her, though, he decides to become her bodyguard instead. It's so incredibly addicting and the second book just put me through so much angst. I'm so excited for the third book and I'm so happy it's coming in just a few months.

Then I'm excited for A Vicious Game by Melissa Blair. This is the third book in The Halfling Saga, a fantasy romance series that I first discovered in 2021. I absolutely loved the first book, A Broken Blade, and was excited for the sequel, A Shadow Crown, to come out earlier in 2023. My copy took a while to arrive, though, so I just decided to wait for the third book when it finally did get to me. Once this third book arrives, I'll be able to finally continue on after that cliffhanger and binge them all back to back. 

We also have The Night Compass by Amanda Foody in the first few months. This is the fourth book in the middle grade Wilderlore series, which I absolutely adore. It's like Pokemon meets How to Train Your Dragon and it's just so much fun. While I've only read the first book, it was so comforting and fun and I'm eagerly awaiting when I can just binge the four books back to back. 

Up next we have Heavenly Tyrant by Xiran Jay Zhao. This is the sequel to Iron Widow, which I read and loved at the beginning of 2022. It's been two years of waiting and there's still about six months to go but I am very much looking forward to seeing where the story goes. It's such a unique world and I truly have no idea what could come in the future.

Then we have The Throne of Blood and Honor by J. Bree, the second book in The Mortal Fates series. This is a high fantasy series from the author of The Bonds That Tie series and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. 2023 was the year of reading all of J. Bree's books for me and I am in love with all of them. I blew through the first book in this series and I'm sooooo beyond excited for the sequel. The romance is super slow burn and I'm hoping we get some progression in the sequel, though I do love the angst of the slow burn. We don't have an exact release but I'm hoping it will be in the first few months of year. 

Up next is Relever by Jane Washington, the fourth book in the Ironside Academy series. I love Jane and I love this series so of course this one had to make it onto my list. There's also the chance that we'll be getting the fifth book in 2024 and I truly hope that is the case. This is a RH omegaverse-style romance series set at a university that's also a reality tv-show. It's an insane idea but it's so well done and I've been fully pulled in. 

Lastly, we have the next untitled Fourth Wing sequel by Rebecca Yarros. I loved Fourth Wing and I was someone who luckily loved Iron Flame. Of course, the ending was crazy for Iron Flame and I definitely need to know where things will go. 

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