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Favorite Books of 2023

One of my favorite blog posts to write every year is when I get to talk about my favorite books of the year. 2023 was an interesting reading year for me in that I read a lot of series and inter-connected works. I read 101 books, read 10 series, and found a lot of new favorites which I've narrowed down to my top 10 here. However, I am being a bit cheeky and including books in the same series/inter-connected saga as one entry (otherwise this entire list would just be J. Bree books). But enough of my waffling, let's go ahead and dive in!

Coming in at number 10, we have Ensnared by Rebecca Quinn. This is a spicy rh post-apocalyptic series that I discovered in December and devoured. Now, only the first two books have been released thus far but the third is coming hopefully in the first half of the year. They are such easy books to read and the spice is so good as well. 

Number 9 goes to Last Violent Call by Chloe Gong. This is a novella duology set in the Secret Shanghai world and it was everything good. I loved the characters these novellas were about, I loved the stories within them, I loved the domestic fluff. It was so good. Now, I've not get read the final Secret Shanghai book because I'm scared of the ending but this book got me so excited to see how it all wraps up. 

At number 8, I have put Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross. The hype around this book was unreal and totally justified, in my opinion. I blew through it and was absolutely enthralled. Rebecca's writing is so beautiful, so moving. The characters were lovely and I am beyond nervous to see how the sequel plays out when I finally get around to it. 

Number 7 goes to Heartstopper, Volumes 3, 4, & 5. by Alice Oseman. I already enjoyed these graphic novels but hadn't read the newest ones yet. But season 2 of the show dropped this year and I devoured it. I knew it was time to read the next volumes (and get hyped for the 5th releasing in December). I loved them. Heartstopper is everything good and pure and wonderful. I loved just getting more of these characters' stories and I just want to take each and every one, wrap them in a blanket, and give them a cookie. 

For number 6, I have The Bonds That Tie series by J. Bree. My journey with this one is a funny one. I read the first three books at the end of 2022, the next two at the beginning of 2023, and the final one many months later. It was enjoyable and fun but not quite as much as her other series. Then, in the fall, I got the urge to reread the series. Oh my lords! The first time was addicting but this time around was all-consuming. I love these characters, this world, this story. It's such a fun time and is just one of many books that has cemented J. Bree as a new favorite. 

Number 5 goes to the Ironside Academy series by Jane Washington. Jane writes bangers, plain and simple. I've loved everything I've ever written by her and this newest series is no exception. It's fun, it's addicting, it's like watching reality TV and being unable to turn away. Which makes sense as it's about an academy for gifted that's also a reality show. It's addicting and the three books we got in 2023 were so good. I'm eagerly anticipating the next ones in the new year. 

For number 4, I have Crown of Oaths and Curses by J. Bree. This is the first in J. Bree's newest series that started releasing in 2023 and I am obsessed with it. Like with all of her books, I think about this one constantly. It's also the first time I've started a series of hers without all the books being out which is a new level of excruciating. This is a super slow burn fantasy romance and I was here for every second of it. I loved the angst, I loved that they're true enemies, I loved it all. Of course, my love is only made stronger by the prequel novellas (which are essential reading in my opinion). 

Number 3 goes to City of Souls and Sinners by Kayla Edwards. This is the second book in the House of Devils series, with the first book having been my number 1 book of 2022. The sequel was my most anticipated release of this year and I was not disappointed. This book is chunky and yet I flew through it so quickly. These characters are everything to me and this book was so full of angst and pain. It tugged on my heartstrings so much and I was basically a ball of anxiety. But I loved that. The cliffhanger was insane, though, so I'm eagerly anticipating the sequel coming in just a couple months. 

I deliberated a lot on how to place these last two, but I think I've decided that this is the correct order. My number 2 slot goes to Fourth Wing and Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros. Like many, FW grabbed me and didn't let me go from the moment I read the first page. I loved it so much. When IF came around, I also loved it. It was a different vibe from the first book, but I loved it nonetheless. I think about these books a lot and I'm nervous and excited to see where they go from here. 

My top spot of number 1 is a bit cheeky because it goes to the Mounts Bay books by J. Bree. This includes the Queen Crow trilogy, Butcher of the Bay duet, and my most favorite, the Hannaford Prep series. All of these series are inter-connected in this world following the same set of characters, which is why I wanted to rate them in one slot. I'm absolutely obsessed with these books and think about them on a weekly, if not daily basis. I've already read the Hannaford Prep series twice and everyday I debate rereading them all over again. This year truly belonged to J. Bree and I loved every second of it. 

Thanks for reading!

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