Sunday, February 28, 2016

Do Wattpad Books Count?

Here's a question I have often asked myself: do books I read on Wattpad count towards the books I have read in the month? I honestly don't know what other people's thoughts are on this subject, but I'm gonna talk about mine.

So, I read a lot of Wattpad. Wattpad is the original reason I fell out of reading actual books. It's easy to read a lot of short stories or even full length novels for free. If a story even vaguely interests you, then you can simply read it for free, without having to worry about not liking it and being stuck with that dent in your bank account.

I love Wattpad. I have stories posted there. I still read occasionally from Wattpad. And I recently discovered this story on there...

It's called The Good Girl's Bad Boys. I'm almost finished with it (It's super duper long-I've been reading for 2 days straight) and it's really good. And that's what got me thinking, can I include this in the books I've read this month?

The answer is yes. Let me explain why.

If this book were in print it would be thick. Very, very thick. And I would totally buy it and read it all the time. It's probably longer than most of the books on my shelf, if not all. It is a completed novel. And it is well-written.

That's the qualifications for me to put a Wattpad story in my book list. If this book were a) unfinished, b) not well written, or c) published by a company in a different draft then I would not put it on my list. But if I like a book, and it's long, I'm going to consider it for the list. Mind you, I'm not going to be putting every single Wattpad story I read on the list, but just the ones I really, really love.

Le book cover (link above: HIDE AND SEEK! GO!)


Thanks for reading

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