Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Fablehaven Book?!

GUYS! I was coming up with BookTube ideas and I was thinking of recommending my favorite middle grade books and then something amazing happened! Two somethings!

The first is that there's The Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven which I'm freaking out over for starters. It looks epic! I love companion guides to fantasy series...and this one looks top quality!

And the second is THERE'S GOING TO BE A NEW FABLEHAVEN BOOK SERIES!!!! I'm dying!!!

Fablehaven was one of my favorite series as a kid and I started reading it after the author came to my school to talk about the books. And I was researching on his website for synopses for my video, and I read the one for the Guide and it said there would be clues to creatures that appear in Dragonwatch!

The new series is a sequel known as Dragonwatch!!!! I'm dying! It releases in October, so I still have a while to go, but I'm super excited. I just had to share this with you guys :)


Thanks for reading

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