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Graphic Novel Review: "Saga" Volumes 1-9 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Title: Saga
Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrator: Fiona Staples
Series: "Saga" #1-9
Genre: Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy Graphic Novel
Overall Page Length: 1,402 pages
Published Between: 2012-2018
Vol 1 Date Started: March 28, 2019
Vol 9 Date Finished: April 4, 2019
Overall Rating: 5 // 5 stars 

If you would have told me that one of my favorite reads of the year so far would have been a graphic novel series, I would have laughed, mostly because I had no plans to read this series this year.

I'd been hearing amazing things about this series for a long time. I'd been wanting to read it for years, but graphic novels are expensive. Then I found out my school library had a graphic novel section and I got very very excited. And better yet, they had all 9 of these graphic novels and no check-out limit. So I got them all. 

Boy was this a wild ride. It didn't take me very long to read any of these which I'm a tad sad about. I just discovered this series and now I have to wait even longer to read the next installment. But I'm so happy that I did get the chance to read these. And now that I'm all caught up, I don't have to worry about spoilers and I can immediately jump on the tenth volume when it comes out. 

Ok, so moving into the actual review...I loved these, obviously. I will say I loved different volumes more than others but overall, this is a 5 star series for me. I think that what made it that for me is because I could read it so fast and it was so addicting. I didn't think I would connect as much with the characters because there obviously isn't much text, but the images definitely helped with that.

The characters, oh boy. I love a few, like a couple, and don't like a few. Despite seeing the backstory and motivations for some of the characters I don't like, I still can't find it in me to like them. I think they're good, well-written characters, but I don't like them. I absolutely love the main three characters, though. I just love their relationships, their struggles, their journey...everything! heart. 

The plot is definitely interesting. There's a war going on and we're pulled into these star-crossed lovers' stories while they're on the run from freelancers, their own governments, and pretty much everything else honestly. I really am excited to see what happens next with how the ending of the ninth volume went. 

I have to say I'm a little heartbroken after the ending of the ninth volume. Both at what happened and what was set up for the next installments but also because I do have to wait a while for what happens next. But in terms of being a well-written story, it was so well executed. 

Overall, I just have to say I've found a new favorite series. I also think that the story itself and the quality of art are simply amazing and have most likely ruined me for other graphic novels since I'll be expecting the same quality elsewhere. I highly recommend these, though, and I cannot wait to see where this story goes.

Thanks for reading!

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