Wednesday, January 1, 2020

December 2019 Wrap-Up!

December was such a whirlwind month for me. SO MUCH happened and I was so busy throughout. I only read three books, but I got halfway through two others so I'd say I'm pretty happy with that since this month was so busy that I didn't even finish a book until December 21st.

The beginning of this month was filled with me finishing up final papers and projects and then finishing up my time abroad in London. I had a wonderful last few weeks there and it's so bittersweet being home--I miss London so much already. It was a really tough few first days transitioning back--harder than when I had to initially adjust to London--and I know there's still a lot of adjusting to do. I'm just not ready at all to return to regular schooling and responsibilities.

It was also Christmas, which is a big thing for my family since I have a huge family. I was all over to different houses and whatnot for Christmas. Then came New Year's and I was prepping for that and hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a while. Add on top that this is my busiest time of the year on my blog because of all the posts wrapping up 2019 and heading into 2020.

Of course, this is also my favorite time of the year. I love wrapping up the year and looking forward to the next one. I love meeting up with all of my family and friends. I just love this time of year and so, even though I didn't read very many books this month, I'm still really happy with December.

Title: Trying to Live with the Dead
Author: B.L. Brunnemer
Rating: 5 // 5 stars
I was so glad to do this reread. It's always so nice to be back with these characters and it seems fitting that I read it towards the end of December as the first time I read it was around this time a few years ago. This was my sixth reread but each time I'm always finding things I'd forgotten or didn't notice the first times around. I'm not going to jump straight into rereading the second book, but I do know that I'm excited for when that time comes.

Title: The Caged Queen
Author: Kristen Ciccarelli
Rating: 4 // 5 stars
The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli

Title: Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life
Authors: Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, and Karamo Brown
Rating: 4 // 5 stars
Queer Eye by Antoni Porowski
Really fun to listen to and insightful. I think having the physical book would have been better, though, since it is more of a coffee-table book and is very visual. Still, I enjoyed getting to hear from all of my Fab 5!


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