Friday, November 6, 2020

Unboxing: Fairyloot's "Blood & Honey" Collector's Edition Box

The time has finally come! My Blood & Honey special edition box from Fairyloot has finally arrived! Let me just tell you guys...this box was stressful. Buying it initially was so stressful with website stress and then I had to get a new debit card since their site was compromised. Then this box was delayed not once but twice. But, eventually it arrived. I got one of the first boxes to have shipped and it was perfect since I got it delivered right before I left (if it had even been a day later it would have been another month before I could go back and get it). 

I've seen a lot of people complaining around this box ranging from not having their books near enough to relief (fair, but I preorder multiple copies like the mess I am) to not thinking the box was worth it for the money. Personally, I disagree and think that this box was more than worth it for the money and pretty perfect in every way.

In the months since I ordered this box, I sometimes wondered on what the items would be that hadn't already been revealed. I ended up getting everything I had hoped would be an item! I love this entire box and think it was more than worth it for the cost, even with international shipping, and I'm so excited to share it with you guys today! Let's go ahead and dive in!

(Oh, and there will obviously be spoilers for the box)

Up first I want to talk about the book. This edition of Blood & Honey was signed by the author, had glittery sprayed edges (to match the first book), and had artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket. Having read Blood & Honey already, I am obsessed with the scene they chose for the dust jacket and the artwork itself. I'm definitely super in love with it! There was also a short bonus content scene included (on a separate booklet). 

As for the items, we got five main items and a bonus art print as an apology for the box being delayed. There were two items that they had revealed beforehand that I knew were coming but the rest were a complete surprise. Like I mentioned above, I was so excited to see that I loved every single one of the items and will use each of them. 

The first item was a gorgeous and fluffy blanket with the quote, "What you are now is not what you’ve always been, nor is it what you always will be. You are a snake. Shed your skin if it no longer serves you, transform into something different. Something better." This was designed by @noverantale. I haven't yet taken it out of the packaging since I don't have a spot to store it yet, so here's a link to a post with a picture of the design!

The next item was this gorgeous storage tin that has the quote, "Blood is easily given. Tears--the pain that causes them--are not," which was designed by @chattynora. This is absolutely perfect because I have a few Serpent & Dove pins and small trinkets that I need a way to store until I have bookshelves again. I was hoping there would be a mug or a storage tin like this and I was so excited when I saw that this was included!

Up next was a gorgeous, full size wood-wick candle from @bookishburns. It is La Fôret Des Yeux themed and smells like wild patchouli, distressed leather, and fruits. Honestly, I love the smell. It's a perfect balance to where it's not an overpowering scent either. The label is pretty cute and was created by @blanca.designs. I don't think I'll burn it simply because I just don't burn candles but I love having them for pictures and to smell every once in a while. 

Then was a gorgeous enamel two-pin set from @jezhawk. One pin features a dove with the quote, "Love makes fools of us all, darling," and the other has a snake with the quote, "The world needs a whit less hate and a trifle more love." This is absolutely stunning and I'm so excited to add these to my collection. I'm hoping one day to have a small pin banner dedicated to this series and these will definitely look amazing on it! 

The next item was a gilded tarot card deck with character art from @oblivionsdream. These are stunning cards and I can't wait to check out Fairyloot's page to see what character is represented on each card. Some of them are pretty obvious but others aren't as much since I don't really remember what most of the characters look like. These are stunning, though, and I'm so excited to use them in pictures.

The last item was a bonus art print of Lou, Reid, Coco, and Ansel that was added as a thank you for waiting. This was designed by Katherine Britt. I do like this print and the artwork is pretty but I'm not quite sure how I feel about it in regards to the overall series. Still a nice bonus addition though! I did forget to take a picture of it but you can find an unboxing of one here

Thanks for reading!

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