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Review: "Pack Darling" Parts 1 & 2 by Lola Rock

Duology Title: Pack Darling
Author: Lola Rock
Genre: Adult Omegaverse Why Choose/RH
Individual Ratings:
  1. Part 1 - 5 // 5 stars
  2. Part 2 - 5 // 5 stars
Overall Rating: 5 // 5 stars

I have a new obsession and that obsession is miss Lilah Darling. Pack Darling is a duology that came to me at just the right time in my life when I needed something to fall into and completely get lost in. It helped me when I was low and I am so grateful to have found it when I needed it. Even apart from that, though, this duology is the best omegaverse I've ever read and one that I'm obsessed with and think about daily...enough to the point that I have already reread it. 

So I'm fairly new to the omegaverse genre. I've only read a handful of them so far but I do have to say that this duology is the best yet. It has a mixture of some of my favorite tropes (enemies/rivals to lovers, slow burn, angst, hurt/comfort, why choose, found family, etc). The plot is exciting and engaging. But more than anything, the characters are developed and multi-faceted. 

We've got a cast of six characters centered in this story: Lilah, Orion, Hunter, Finn, Jett, and Atlas. Sometimes, once the number of love interests go higher than three, it gets hard to differentiate between them and they no longer feel like their own person. That was not the case in this duology. Each character felt so unique and I could tell them apart on the page just by how they were narrating. That, for me, is the first test of great characters in a why-choose series. 

The characters were also just fun. Finn, especially, is one of my favorites. He's psycho but in a fun, endearing way....a character you just love to read about because they're wild. Of course, Lilah is my absolute favorite though. She's gone on such a journey, has dealt with so much, and is just badass throughout it all. I could read a million more books about her and her little domestic adventures (or thrilling escapades). More than anything, this duology is about a group of characters going on a journey of healing and learning to trust in each other. I'm a sucker for a found family trope and this duology does it so well.  

This duology won't be for everyone, but for me it was a perfect recipe of a lot of elements I love coming together into an addicting read. I've already read it twice in the span of four months and I anticipate rereading it many more times in the future. 

Thanks for reading!

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