Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Book Buying Problems

Let's talk about that pesky little thing called a book buying problem. I am not ashamed to admit that I just spent $90 on books, because some of them were used and brought what I was spending down a lot, but I am ashamed that I just bought more books when I filmed a book haul three days ago.

I buy books so fast. Usually, I buy them off of Book Outlet because of super cheap prices. That was not the case this time. I bought a bunch of books I've been wanting off of Amazon and I couldn't be happier. I love bargain book shopping.

The thing with Amazon is that after $25 you get free shipping whether or not you have Prime, so I always have free shipping on my books. And preorders have free two-day shipping as well, so I don't even need to have Prime. I can keep piggy-backing off my mom's Amazon music and such while getting free shipping myself.

They're prices are also pretty good. They're not super low, but they aren't full price. I got $10 off a hardback today, and I also bought 2 used books through Amazon that even with shipping had my total under what it would have been with just one of those books at full price in my cart.

However, I am not going to be buying books in this big of a bulk for a long time. It's been a while since I've made a big order off of Amazon or Barnes & Noble. In my defense of buying this, I was planning on ordering back at the beginning of March, but then a bunch of financial shit happened and it kept getting pushed back until, well, today.

I am going to be budgeting what I buy next. I'm sure I'll buy a couple books when I'm at Target or something, but I'm not going to binge-buy books like this for a few months. Probably July will be my next binge-buy.

But I have my friend's birthday coming up, so I'm saving up to make it her best birthday yet. After than I'm keeping my money for BookCon (okay maybe May will be my next binge-buy depending on if books are free or not). Then a month after BookCon I'm in France. And during my France trip is father's day, so I've gotta budget there. And then my sister's birthday is right after that.

All in all, I've got a few trying months ahead. Plus, if I want to continue my Owlcrate subscription I'll need to budget for that every month.

I think right now I'm going to finally do what I've been putting off...

Book-buying ban. 

Here are my terms for buying books, because I cannot go cold turkey.

-Must be the next book in a series I have started reading, not just own
-Exceptions are new releases/preorders
-Any other book will be put through a questionnaire to see if I really need this book at this time and must be under a) $14 if hardcover, or b) $10 if paperback
-Almost out of stock on BookOutlet

-Must not be full price (Target has books 20% off, nice)
-Must decide if it's necessary at that time
-Exceptions are new releases/signed copies

Now, this might not last very long. It might very last only a week. But I figure with people being able to see this post and hearing about my ban, I am somewhat held responsible for what I've said I'm going to do.

But I am still very excited for my books to come in the mail. Two days till the first 7, and a few days later for the 2 used ones! I can't wait to show you guys!


Thanks for reading

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