Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Talk: Whispers at Moonrise

Title: Whispers at Moonrise
Author: C.C. Hunter
Series: "Shadowfalls" #4
Genre: YA Paranormal
Page Length: 383 pages
Publication Date: October 2, 2012
Date Started: April 10, 2016
Date Finished: April 10, 2016
Rating: Infinity stars

*Semi-spoiler free review*

Ah, the feels! They burn!!!!

Honestly this was the best Shadow Falls Novel by far. I've been officially obsessed for a while now, and this book was just fabulous. 

The feels were even stronger in this book, and the REVEALS just knocked me off my bed. So much was explained and revealed that it was a little hard to wrap my head around. 

We finally know what Kylie is, and that she's not alone. And I'm honestly so ready to find out more in the next book. 

The romance was so angsty. Because there was one boy who was keeping secrets from her (the one she was with) and then there was the one trying to win her over. I really don't know how I feel about who I ship with Kylie.

The next book is going to be so freaking epic it's hard to contain my excitement. This is definitely a series I recommend and can't wait to continue with.



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