Saturday, May 12, 2018

33 Freshman Year Experiences

Hey guys! My first year of college just wrapped up last Tuesday and I had a blast. I adored every second of it and I'm so happy with the choice of college I made. I met a lot of amazing new friends that I can't wait to see this summer and next year. I took a lot of amazing classes and learned a lot about writing, publishing, and so much more. I can't wait for next year and what it might bring, but for now, I'm going to enjoy this summer and time I have with my niece.

I thought I'd list some things that happened during this school year. A friend of mine did this on Facebook and I felt really inspired to do my own post. Without further ado, here are 33 experiences, things, and events that I witnessed in my freshman year of college, both good and bad. 
  1. Moved away from home and said goodbye to my family
  2. Traveled through Chicago by myself for the first time
  3. Hit 1,000 bookstagram followers
  4. Met some amazing friends that I will cherish forever (you know who you are)
  5. Joined a coed service frat (#fratboy?)
  6. Started water polo
  7. Saved enough for a new camera
  8. Watched The Greatest Showman
  9. Endured multiple job rejections
  10. Lost a friend to suicide
  11. Joined choir
  12. Got an arc of Furyborn
  13. Went ice skating at Millenium Park
  14. Visited the Bean for the first time
  15. Went to Adler Planetarium for the first time
  16. Taught my friends how to dive into the pool
  17. Endured a semester of creepy crawly centipedes in my room
  18. Lost weight & avoided the freshman 15
  19. Cried
  20. Watched seasons 1&2 of Stranger Things back to back with Paige
  21. Ate a lot of Ben N Jerry’s
  22. Experienced virtual reality
  23. Got a bunch of free shit
  24. Lost another friend to a freak accident
  25. Switched my minors 3 times
  26. Fell even more in love with writing and English
  27. Got thrown up on...twice
  28. Went to formal at the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier 
  29. Realized a history degree is not the path for me
  30. Got my textbook signed by the author (nerd alert?)
  31. Finally got a tapestry (only took 2 years)
  32. Outlined and started drafting my fantasy novel
  33. Got all my books signed by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Looking back at this list helps me see just how much happened during this year. I've changed so much and I can't wait for what next year might bring!


Thanks for reading!


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