Sunday, May 20, 2018

Fierce Reads 2018 Tour Experience!

Hello everyone! So...Fierce Reads had their annual tour these past weeks and I had the chance to go...and it was amazing! It was actually my first book signing outside of BEA/BookCon and I had a blast. The authors that were there were Taran Matharu, Mary E. Pearson, Tricia Levenseller, and Maurene Goo. I got books signed by all of them and I still get filled with excitement when I look back on the night.

(All the books I got signed)

When the authors and tour schedule was announced, I was so excited because I knew and owned books by all but one of the authors. What's even better was that my best friend's favorite author of all time was on this tour, so I was super happy that I had someone to go with me. 

My friend and I drove a little over three hours from where we live to the signing venue, and I'm usually not good with car rides because I get severely motion sick, but I actually had a blast on the way. My friend and I sang a lot, ranted over shit drivers, and ate a lot of hummus. It was quite fun. 

We got there a little bit early and we were able to snag a seat in the front row. We bought a couple books...well, I bought a couple and my friend bought, like, 6...and then put our post-its inside and then we waited. 

The panel was super fun to watch. Not only was it awesome to see the chemistry between authors but I also got a lot of writing advice. I'm very excited to continue working on my novel while incorporating some of the tips and tricks that these authors gave us. After the panel, the signing began. My friend and I had so many books that we had to leave some at our seats as we went to each author individually. 

We started with Taran Matharu. As he was my best friend's favorite author, we began by waiting in his line. My friend was reading his newest book while we went and got to a specific part in the novel as we reached him, so she was able to talk to him about her feels for that scene. We talked with Taran about how we were able to come so far and how excited we were to be there. It was about 10 minutes of just chatting with him and signing our books. I also was able to show him a video of my gifting my friend an arc of his book and her reaction, and he loved it. Overall, I just had a really great time talking with Taran and I'm beyond excited to finish reading The Novice. Here's a picture from meeting him :)

We then went to Maurene Goo and chatted with her for a little bit about pin collections. She was really nice and I'm actually pretty interested in her book. I'm glad she was a part of this tour because I didn't know anything about her books beforehand. 

After that we went to Tricia Levenseller and she was really fun to talk to. We chatted about coming so far, hair colors, and more. She signed our books in colored metallic sharpies and I'm only very obsessed with it. I'm also even more excited about reading her books because she drew her inspiration from Captain Jack and I am so here for that.

The last author we went to was Mary E. Pearson. She was super cute and I love her signature. I'm also super excited to continue on with the series because after she described her newest book, I really want to finish the Remnant Chronicles and then be able to read the next. 

After that, we left and ate hummus on our way back. I had to take Dramamine to keep from getting motion sick and I ended up sleeping most of the way back (sorry Bella!). But I'm overall just so happy with the night and I can't wait for the next book signing that I'll get to attend. 


Thanks for reading!


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