Tuesday, April 24, 2018

15 Thoughts While Reading "Sky in the Deep"

Hello everyone! I am doing a new series on my blog. April is just the month of new series! This particular one is just a quick little post that will accompany all of my reviews as well as occasional other books that I read and don't review. As I read, I will write down a bunch of thoughts that I have while reading and compile them into a post! 

Now, I do need to put in a disclaimer before I do this. These posts WILL be spoiler! I repeat: they WILL HAVE SPOILERS! As these are thoughts that I have while reading the book, there will be instances where I name specific scenes or moments. I will put this disclaimer at the beginning of every post, but please note that now! Also, it is good to note that you won't really understand these unless you've read the book. I also don't have chapter/page #'s at this time for when these thoughts came, but they are in order.

Also, happy book birthday to this awesome book!! I'm beyond excited that I was able to read and review this book before publication and I'm so happy that all of you now get to read it as well! Here's is my non-spoiler review if you want to know my coherent thoughts on this book.

1. Eelyn reminds me of Aelin--such a badass.

2. I'm as frustrated as Eelyn with Iri.

3. Halvard is cute though.

4. Brb actually gonna cry.

5. Are Fiske and Eelyn going to end up together?

6. Tears.

7. More tears.

8. Fiske is going with her--yay!

9. I hope the two come together to fight the Herja.

10. "Are we still enemies? You and I?" "No" AHHHHHHH

11. "We die fighting or we die hiding. Which do you chose?" This is one of my new favorite quotes.

12. yes Yes YES! I KNEW IT YESSS!

13. I am getting scared--aw I only have 40 pages left.

14. Stay with him Eelyn stayyyyyy

15. Oh that was beautiful.

Sky in the Deep Links
Book Review (Non-Spoiler)


Thanks for reading!


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