Monday, April 16, 2018

In Memoriam: Stephanie

Steph, it's crazy to think that we talked just the night before you were taken from the world. It's crazy to think that Saturday night we were chatting about books and a potential arc trade and then Sunday night I was getting the news that you had passed. It's crazy to think that you're gone. I'm not quite sure I've accepted it fact, I'm still hoping that you'll pop out and yell "April Fools!" even though it's not April 1st. 

You were one of the first people I got to know when I started blogging and inquiring about arcs. You've been a constant in that part of my life for so long now. I'd see a post from you at least once a day across different social medias and everything feels weird now that you're not there. It's painful looking at our past messages because you're no longer going to respond to new ones. It breaks my heart that I see messages or posts from just days ago when you were happy and talking about how excited you were about a specific book. It breaks my heart. 

I'm going to miss you like crazy...I already do. Even though we never met in person, you were a great friend and a fantastic fellow book-lover. I know that I, along with many in the book community, will be grieving this loss for a long time to follow. 

Goodbye, Stephanie. I'll miss you.

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