Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Guest Post: Alexandria Warwick - "The Demon Race"

Hello everyone, today I am super excited to welcome Alexandria Warwick, author of the upcoming fantasy release The Demon Race, to my blog! You can look for my review on this book either before or on release date (September 18), but without further ado, welcome Alexandria!

Theme and Symbolism

Hello, everyone! First, thank you to Lauren for hosting me! I'm really excited for the opportunity to talk about my two favorite literary elements: theme and symbolism. They can bring so much depth to writing, to the story, so that what you read is more than what you read. Ultimately, I want the reader to question larger moral dilemmas. I want the reader to peel back the many layers of a story and discover how certain elements connect.

In The Demon Race, the largest and most obvious theme is darkness versus light (a tried and true classic!). I showcase this in many ways. The deities represent dark and light. The daevas, who represent darkness. Day versus night. The sun and the moon and what happens when the two come together in a solar eclipse as the moon blocks out the sun, which ties in with the question, Will Namali overcome the darkness in her heart?

Another personal tendency I have is to create an environment that acts as a reflection of the character's inner struggles. Let's take the Saraj, which symbolizes the theme of change. Namali is at a point where she doesn't feel in control of her own life, and the vast and ever-changing desert reflects that inner conflict. I asked myself a lot of questions when developing Namali's relationship with the Saraj, such as, How does Namali change throughout the story? How does her view of the Saraj change as well? In this way, the sense of place is heightened and becomes personal. When it's personal to the character, we care, right? The great thing about theme and symbolism is that they can be utilized in diverse ways. I'm always experimenting with new ways to deepen the human experience, and theme and symbolism are the elements I continue to return to time and time again.


Author Bio
Alexandria Warwick is the #1 fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Demon Race is her first novel.

Thanks for reading!

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