Friday, December 14, 2018

Let's Talk: "Pain" by Jaymin Eve & Jane Washington

Title: Pain
Authors: Jaymin Eve & Jane Washington
Series: "Curse of the Gods" #5
Genre: RH Fantasy
Page Length: 293 pages
Publication Date: November 14, 2018
Date Started: December 13, 2018
Date Finished: December 13, 2018
Rating: 5 // 5 stars

*This is a non-spoiler review for this book. I tried to keep it spoiler free for the entire series, but little things might have slipped through*

I thought this was a wonderful ending to the series. I've been in love with this series for so long and it's both amazing to have a complete story but also a bit heartbreaking to be saying goodbye to these characters. I absolutely adore these characters and this world. 

I do think that this book had a bit of a different feel than the others. The stakes were higher and, as a result, there was less clumsy humor in this book, but I still loved it. It felt a lot more serious and tense yet well fleshed out.

Just in terms of plot, this book felt so well done, especially when I compare it to a couple of the middle books (which I love, but sometimes got confused plot wise). Everything was easy to follow and seemed to flow in a good way. I do feel like everything wrapped up a bit too easily, though. I was expecting just a little bit more of a big final ending with [redacted character]. But overall I did think that it was a realistic sequence of events and ending.

And my favorite part about this book, like all the others, are the characters. I love love love Willa and the Abcurses. Seriously, they're some of my absolute favorite pairings. It was amazing to see Willa come into her own and her abilities and grow as a character and for the Abcurses to be super proud and curtail their protectiveness when she needed them to (wow, that was a lot of ands). I just love the different character dynamics and we stan a supportive relationship. Plus, the smut was pretty amazing and that's just something I didn't realize we were getting when I went into this series.

Overall, I loved this installment. I'm not sure if it was my favorite, but I thought it was an amazing book. It felt so much more intense and mature than the others while still maintaining the romance, cute scenes, and humor aspects. This series will definitely be going on my favorite series list and I just know I'll be rereading it over and over in the coming years. 

Thanks for reading!

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